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Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:05 am    Post subject: electric product  

1. untitled (old)

the elegance of an uncapitalized unpunctuated sentence is more than i will ever have

because the sculpted beauty of each uniform letter is different and yet familiar

and the pygmalion of me which a few short phrases can carve is a statue
upright dignified and unchanging

and the members of an alphabet
(and raised dots)

as the shape of blackness on whiteness
beingness on blankness
or should i say voidness on fullness
(blips of sensation breaking arid silence)

is magic memory string casting the shadow of a dream

a reminder remaining to recall and remember a remembrance of a reminder reminding you of something else

a a a a a a a a a a a and a a a a a a a and when

eventually when i too am vanished this
my sentences my marble white effigy radiant as venus born out of paper shell will linger behind like a bell ringing forever after a strike regardless of volume

and like a bell it will echo

and like an echo it will mean depth

so i will become majestic and rise above death because though my bones are six feet under my image is an epic

i will be added to amended rewritten read and reread and i will be talked about like i never was alive

because i will be a bell ringing and still ringing

and i will remind you of letters reminding you of words reminding you of phrases

reminding you of definitions reminding you of meanings reminding you of experience

reminding you of sensations reminding you of me
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