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The End Started at Sorrowfall - 2012 NaNo
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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:45 pm    Post subject: The End Started at Sorrowfall - 2012 NaNo  

The end started at Sorrowfall. It was there that the first domino started to topple. A society built on the pain and tears of the downtrodden was marked for termination. It was there, in the wilderness, that the first seeds of the gentle revolution were planted. A group of maimed and scarred individuals sat huddled against each other, dining upon a mixture of various plants and berries.

A handful of lean-tos and makeshift tents sat amongst the trees. There were a couple of campfires lit, protected from the drizzle that had been coming down for the last couple of days. Quietly, a legless woman watched as a larger than normal child played with some rocks. Her gaze lifted from the slightly misshapen lad as a figure approached.

He was dressed completely in black. Everything from his hooded sweatshirt to the cloak that hung on his shoulders was the color of nothing. The only reason she saw him was because of the light from the fire. He knelt down and looked at her. A pair of piercing blue eyes peered out from a ski mask that seemed to be little more than a cloth with a pair of eyeholes. One arm was pulled close to his chest, his cloak concealing whatever he may be carrying.

“I've heard rumors that somewhere in the forest, some exiles have gathered,” he said. “That they work together in order to try and carve out something resembling an existence. Are the rumors correct and is that place here?”

She nodded. “Yes. What brings you to the wild?”

The man adjusted his body a bit and reveled the object that was held close to his torso, protected from the rain by his cloak. It was an infant. Her skin was an almost ivory hue. A small mess of black hair sat on the top of her delicate cranium. The woman looked from the innocent and pure features of the babe and into the eyes of the man who carried her.

“She looks pristine. Ailment?”

“Her eyes don't match,” he said. “One blue, one green.”

The woman grimaced and closed her eyes. One hand absently moved and rubbed against one of the stumps that constituted her legs. The exilings were getting worse. The causes were getting even more trivial. It was all because of the damned Board of Societal Expansion. Each law they passed made it so that more and more people could be thrown away like yesterday's trash.

“You are not her birth father I take it?”

“No. But I will raise her as my child nontheless.”

A smile formed on the woman's face as her eyes opened. “Then you are welcome to stay with us if you wish. I'm sure Tank would love to have a new little playmate. What's your name, stranger?”

“My name is no longer of any consequence,” the figure said as he looked over at the large child playing with rocks. He was quite big for his size. Appeared to be quite strong too. He was hunched over slightly, His spine curved in an abnormal manner. He looked back to the woman and gestured to the child in his arms.

“You mind holding her for a moment?” he asked.

The woman nodded and extended her arms. As the man hand the infant over, the woman cradled her softly. With a wider smile, she rocked her gently and watched as the figure spun around on his toes and moved in a crouched manner to the woman's son.

“Hey there, little fella,” he said, sitting down cross-legged in front of the boy. “Your name Tank?”

The child nodded.

“You look like a strong lad. Tell me, are you strong?”

The boy nodded again. The man in black did the same.

“Good. I may need your assistance. I'm going to build a village here. A place for everybody like you, me and your mom. Can I count on you to help me build?”
The young child nodded. “B-b-build good,” he said.

“Good, my daughter is also going to need someone to watch out for her. To protect her when I'm not around. Can you do that?”

The boy nodded again and looked to his mother. Slowly, he walked over to her. The figure rose and followed close behind. The lad stood and stared down at the infant. Her eyes were open and blinking up at everything.

“Pretty eye,” the young boy said.

The figure nodded. The woman looked up to him and tilted her head. “You're going to build a village here? How? Why?”

“I will cut down trees and get materials where I can. And I will do it because the exiled must band together. We need to build a community for them. A safe haven for any and all. Somewhere that I can start planning.”

“Planning what?”

“A way to tear those walls down. A revolution powerful enough to make the highest echelons of society realize their mistake. My daughter will live once again in that city.”

The woman looked from the man down to the doll like girl in her arms. This figure was planning a rebellion just so that this girl might one day be accepted in the world that had cast her out. Going up against New Sparta took a great deal of intestinal fortitude and it was clear that he had it. Risking everything for his daughter was a noble ambition and for that she found herself scared for him.

Because the bravest and noblest of men usually ended up dead.
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