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SBURB - The end of the world as we know it
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Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:54 pm    Post subject: SBURB - The end of the world as we know it  

Disclaimer: SBURB and all it's original design and creation/s are the exclusive property of it's creator, Andrew Hussie. I claim no right over his original designs and tip my hat to a truly talented man.

There is an online comic type thing I read called Homestuck. Now, the comic is massive, over 7.8 thousand pages. I haven't read it all and I don't claim to be an expert on the subject, however I do claim to have a strong interest in the largest facet of the comic, SBURB. No one really knows what it stands for, but in short, it's a game. The concept for the game is simple. Once SBURB appears on your planet as a game, a count down begins to the universe's destruction. The game doesn't bring the end of the world, it simply lets you know the end is close at hand. The game makes no effort to explain this however, and most universes never have a chance. Don't get me wrong, playing SBURB doesn't help you save the universe, it gives you the chance to make a brand new one once yours is destroyed. I won't go into detail, but the process is a bit hard to understand. However, once you get into the swing of things, the game is amazing.

The main characters of Homestuck set out to play the game, but for the most part, the main human characters do a poor job of getting through the game. Here on IF I was hoping that with your help, we can pull of a real version of the game. I need at least 2 people to play, but more can join if they like. Sign-up will be for a week, but after that registration will have to be shut down. For more information on why this is check the Game Bros Guide in the Info Thread. The players need to be dedicated, but it's not like you need to be on every day for so long in order to play. Unlike most forum RPs, this RP will have most of it's action going on in a room at the Inn. Each session will be recorded and posted in the official thread for the other players and viewers to read. I'll do my best to not make things too complected, but I know things may get confusing at time. I'll try laying out the basic set-up below.

1) To sign up I'll need a character sheet complete with physical description, personality, and a basic layout of the area where you are going to be playing the game. It is suggested you play in your home so there are plenty of things to work with, but other places are fine too. Keep in mind, if you start in let's say, a park, your weapon and Proto-typing options will be severely limited.

2) The game will take place at the Inn. All players do not have to be present to play, however there are two occasions where a player can not play alone. Situation one is when a Player needs changes made to their surroundings such as building on to their house or deployment of Host Equipment(Read guide for details on this). The second situation is when events are triggered that concern all players. There are no examples I can give right now without putting up spoilers. As stated before I will be copying and pasting each player's actions and interactions in the game into an actual forum so their Host will be able to see what's been going on while they were gone.

3) Training can take place at any time I am online, but will require the user to stay online for the length of time they wish to train. Let's say you pop in and say “________ trains for an hour”, you don't have to stay in the RP room, but you will have to stay at least in the Inn for that amount of time. If you stay longer, I will add up your time and you will level accordingly. There is a level system in place, and once you reach the top, there is a way to rise above it. I can't reveal it now, so you'll just have to train your way up there to find out. Also, training will earn you Grist and give you access to higher level Grist as you level up. Grist will be explained later in the Guide.

4) During game play I will present links to videos and such that I highly recommend watching. Also, reading the guide is kinda mandatory. It will fill you in on actual game play, and provide you with pictures of the things I'm talking about to help you better understand how the game works. The game will be very confusing if you don't read it. . . . .

5) Everyone must start their game from at least a mile away from one another. The set-up of the game is highly contingent on each player entering the game separately into different locations within the game. If two people were to try and enter from the same house, the game would glitch, not knowing which persona to follow, thus not knowing what part of the game they would enter. Seeing as the characters will be so far apart, chat between them will be limited to those on their computers. The system used to chat with one another it called Pesterchum, and is a lot like MSN messenger. Because of this limit, it is highly advised that as soon as it is possible, each Player should make as many portable computing devices as they can so they can remain in contact. Now, players can eventually fine one another, so don't worry about spending the entire RP alone with your only human interactions being via Pesterchum.

That's all the preamble really. If you go read the guide it should help you get started making your character and fill you in on the game itself. Like the guide says, I will be updating it as the game progresses. I'll let you guys know when I update it with a PM letting you know to go check it out.

Oh! And in the spirit of fun, I added a single true Homestuck feature to the game: Trolls. These characters will show up from time to time and begin trolling the game. These Trolls are beings that have played the game before, and are now watching us play. They may offer help, or just pester you in general, but keep in mind, they are trolls. A lot of their “advice” they give is for their own amusement, so be careful if you decide to do what they suggest. Don't fully trust a Troll unless they take the position of your personal Patron Troll. Only then can I guarantee they are acting in your best interest. Trolls are meant to be annoying in a light hearted way, so please do not take offense to their interference.

Well, I can't wait to play, and I hope you guys will take an interest. I surely love the game, and I pray you will too.
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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:09 am    Post subject: Rules  


Rules are simple for this RP:

1) GM is God

2) No trying to control another person's character

3) All dice rolls are final

4) Have FUN!

*Please keep in mind that this RP will be set, at the beginning, in this earth as we view it now. This means players must be human, and on our current level of technology.*
Character Sheet


Pesterchum Handle:



Favorite Color:


Location on the planet:

Description of the location where you will enter the game(Note: This doesn't have to be where you start the RP, but you must reach this location before game start):

Just PM me with your character sheets and I will review them. If approved, feel free to whip up your Intro!
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