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The script of VANI'TY
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Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:35 am    Post subject: The script of VANI'TY  


SCENE: (VANITY the main female character: having red hair and green shocking eyes, is drinking water with ice inside. )

VANITY: *starts choking from pressure from her neck* what’s--- *hacking*

VANITY: *Looks around in terrified way* who are you….

STRANGER: *Holding a fist her way* I need you alive, yet unconscious. (He was wearing a long grey coat, to hide his face and it seemed that no one noticed him. )

VANITY: *Stumbles off her chair, dropping her mug* Breathe… just breathe….(She couldn’t believe that no one noticed her emergency either) *her sight went blank*


VANITY: *opens her eyes into a flash light waving in front of her* Fuck! Where am I?

VOICE 1: You apparently fell asleep here… I am going to take you to my fort… (the voice was of a young and boyish)

VANITY: *looks at the shadow of the person who was speaking, it looked small and two more shadows were coming closer and closer* (Vanity could feel darkness surrounding her and her arm had a bite mark. The mark was rather deep, so it could mean she had a lot of blood loss...) Save me… *she cried*

VOICE 2: Here, relax *He picked Vanity up* what is your name? (This guy had to be tall, and sounded that of an elder guy, probably twice her age)

VANITY: I am Vanity Viper… *she held onto the man’s shoulder as she was being carried away.* (He was wearing quite a lot of cologne.)

“”CAMERA SHOT FROM HER EYES””: Trees passing buy as she is bobbing from the person carrying her, he was in a rush. Which could have meant he knew that Vanity wouldn’t hold out for long.

VANITY: Thank you… *being carried like a baby on back* Who are you guys?



VANITY: I see a light over the distance. *She pointed to a house in the trees*

SVEN: That is our Safe Haven from the Grey Cloaks…

VANITY: A Grey Cloak is?

PAUL: They are changelings, they change people and hurt them and see if they can live after all the torturing they do to their prey…

VANITY: I Don’t remember what happened.. Last time I was only drinking Ice water…

PAUL: They always go after the healthy prey…

SVEN: They must have found you as one of the best prey… No one lived through their attacks yet… *Sven started carrying vanity up the swinging stairs*

VANITY: *sight returning * I see a light hanging over a table… *starts screaming for some reason*

SVEN: *holds her still, and keeps her eyes closed.* Relax, you will go through phases… The first one is fear of light…

VANITY: I’ve never been afraid of light my entire life… *tears running over Sven’s hand*Her tears stopped when she started smelling fruit… *her mouth started watering*

SVEN: *wrapped a cloth around Vanity’s eyes.* The fear of light will go away, for now you need to rely on your cognitive hearing, taste, touch and smell senses.

VANITY: I do not even know what you guys look like.

PAUL: *takes Vanity’s hand and let her touch his face.* Here maybe this will make you feel a bit more safer… I’m sure you’ll recognise me by the feel of my scar over my eye. I however lost sight in my one eye.

VANITY: I’m sorry to hear that…

SVEN: My son Paul can teach you to use your hands and a stick to know where you are going even if you don’t see… You will be able to see in about two days, the fear of light will go away in that time…

VANITY: *breathes* I remember drinking ice water…

SVEN: Yes you told us…

VANITY: No, I meant… *breathes* Nevermind…

SVEN: Take a rest… *hearing a door slam shut*


VANITY: *hears feet trodding around* Who is there?”

PAUL: It’s me Paul, was just checking up on you…

VANITY: *rolls off bed* Dag Nabit! *feels Pauls hands grabing her clenched fists.*

PAUL: You are having a reaction to the bite… I’ve never seen such a Corpral tunnel syndrome on anyone before…

SVEN: Paul.. She is trying to expel the poison from the grey cloaks… I’ve never seen this before… You are… *Sven grabs Vanity and pulls the cloth from her eyes*

VANITY: *cringes and slowly opens her eyes.* What? *she looks around*

SVEN: You fused with the virus. Your eyes are shocking purple…

VANITY: What does that mean… *She looked at her hands that was clenched* Why can’t I move my hands! *Screams* HELP!!

PAUL:*Bends down to look at Vanity’s eyes.*

(PAUL: Had a blind eye on his left side, and a brown chocolate coloured eye on the other. He seemed to look like a fifteen year old boy. And Sven looked just as old as he sounded.)
VANITY: How old are you guys?

SVEN: Need not know my age…. My son is seventeen…

PAUL: How old are you?

VANITY: I am eighteen…

SVEN: got any family?

VANITY: No… I live on the streets…

PAUL: I’m sorry to hear that… You ever tried looking for your family…

VANITY: I think I heard a long time ago that they passed on from a car accident. *stumbles to the nearest broken mirror to look at her eyes* I can’t believe my own eyes… Doesn’t purple eyes belong to those who never grow any hair…

PAUL: Yes, but those who are born with purple eyes are human and not bitten by a Grey Cloak…

VANITY: *Smells around* I’m rather hungry… *stands up from floor*
(The little house existed of 3 rooms. And all the furniture was made of wood.)
*walks into kitchen and looks at the fruit…* So You guys live on fruit?

PAUL: *following Vanity* I think it’s probably the only food we get here…

VANITY: How did you get that Scar over your eye?

PAUL: Only an accident….

SVEN: *calls to Paul* Come outside Paul…

PAUL: *slides down the rope of the house* Yes dad!

SVEN: I told you not to say anything about!!
PAUL: I didn’t say!!

VANITY: *climbs down the rope stairs and watches as Paul and Sven whispering* I guess they would not tell secrets to a complete stranger… *looks up at the rising sun and closes her eyes* The sun! *keeps eyes closed*

PAUL: *dashes over to Vanity and pulls her hands from her face* Look… Just look

VANITY: *Keeps eyes closed?* Are you sure? *feels a horrible pushing on her chest and a stretching from her tailbone* OUCH! *she opens her eyes and the purple turned bright orange* She looked behind her* Oh no! I grew a tail!

PAUL: *stumbles back* Oh no! What is that!

SVEN: It looks like she did fuse perfectly with a Grey Cloak. We get to see what they look like… *walks closer to Vanity* It seems like you grew a tail bone- that of a spine -- bones… It could mean the beginning of the change…

VANITY: Are you going to study me! Or help!?
SVEN: We need to study you, to help you…

VANITY: What does that mean?

PAUL: We need to see what the creature’s weaknesses are… And to find how to revert a human back to normal…

VANITY: How long will that take? *frowns at them*

SVEN: Could take a few months or years…

VANITY: Years! *hyperventilates* No! No! No…



VANITY: (I have been in this tank for three months… Staring into a world that does not understand me. I was given to the LABS… My heart was torn the day Paul and Sven treated me like I had no human soul left. I could read people’s expressions very easily… Feel their expressions and their hate… ) *swaying in the water and touching the pipe at her back…*

DOCTOR 1: The blood transfusion is complete
DOCTOR 2: I need more time!
DOCTOR 3: The army cannot understand that a girl could turn into something like her… We need more time…

(A sound of a bell went off in the lab. Then all doctors left the Lab where she was in. As she looked around, she could see a man who had a scar on his left eye… She reached out and he did the same.)

PAUL: I’m back… I’m here to fix the wrong of my father, the Laboratory head of department…

VANITY: *pushes at the glass and started tapping at the glass in a Morse code* How can you show your face…

PAUL: *Grabs a chair and swings it* I will right my wrong ! You will be human! *He swings the chair which only gave the tank a scratchmark.*

VANITY: *taps* The red button…

PAUL: *Slams the red button*

VANITY: *the water drops and she coughs the water out and the pipes drop out of their plugs* Thank… Thank…. *coughing water out and stumbling around trying to get to stand.*

PAUL: I’m soo sorry!

VANITY: *looked at the data on the computers. A slide show showed how she changed from human to a four-legged creature with a skull and a tail.* Take me out of here *She tapped on the floor*

PAUL: Can you talk normally?

VANITY: *shook her head and started speaking in another language* Get me out of here

PAUL: I need to know what you’re saying! Gosh!

VANITY: *tapped the same reply to Paul*

PAUL: Come with me!

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