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Red ruin.
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Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 12:36 pm    Post subject: Red ruin.  

A long time ago. It's always a long time ago...

Riders came from the north and swept across the land, burning and slaughtering as they went. Riders on giant wolves armed with mammaneuk bones sharpened into a blade, clad in fur and just as feral as their mounts.

We fled, there was nothing for it, we were crofters and farmhands. Nothing like these barbarians that hunted the wooly giants and fought daily with other hordes. South, as far south as our feet would take us. Then a boat fair for precious crystals my mother had collected. The motherland was half a day by sail, not far then rest, then a new beginning. Perhaps...

That was a long time ago.


"Today we see the herald of the red!" Boomed a voice. "Herald, of the end of the world. And who will stand against him? None other than death himself..."

A horn sounded and two gates opened either side of the pit. Entered, one all in black carrying two knives and wearing a skull mask with spikes down the middle. The other was a slightly bigger man carrying two axes and wearing nothing but leather trousers and boots. His torso had many scars.

"Here are your champions! Let them fight to live in glory, or die in honour!"

Both fighters locked on to each other, there was no obstacle between them. A second horn sounded and an approach was made. The one in black moved like a snake, well balanced and poise. The axeman made a charge, lifting one axe for a strike the other ready for parry. Death slipped past the line of attack to his left. War the red headed spun the counter angle on the balls of his feet. Parry axe turned striker connected with a well placed dagger.

A pirouhette and war had only one weapon, but his other hand came down onto deaths head embedding his axe into the helmet. Death paused, war was expecting him to fall over. Then death slit wars throat.

I was in the theatre at the time of the fight. I was wars' skivvy. My family did what it could to get by. Looks like i'll be out of a job.

"Better get to the wash house and see if they need a towel boy..." Said a mysterious voice.
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scribe siren

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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:51 pm    Post subject:  

Ok, great, good start for your first here. Holding my breath for the next installment to see just what -- you -- the skivvy will do. Or happen. Also love the creatures-- Would want to read more about the world you started.
* holds breath*
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