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Chapter 20 - The Last of the Tests
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Posted: Sat May 21, 2005 1:00 pm    Post subject: Chapter 20 - The Last of the Tests  

What has happened before...
You, Thadius LaFontania, have returned to where it all began, your hometown of La-Ethiel. After finding out and being disgusted by the 'feeding farms,' you find two of your old guards. They agree to protect you until your quest is over. All you have to go on is a clue that what you seek is in the cellar of the palace...
It is the fifth day that you have waited for something to happen in your cellar. Then you realize that this is too easy...of course! You rush up the tower's staircase. The sunlight increases all the time, but you try to take no note of it. Finally you stand in your old room, and there is a doorway that leads to nowhere appearently. You open it and step through.
You are in a dark room. Light shines upon one figure, or does it eminate from him? He looks oddly pale, like yourself, and there is a small blood-red stain upon his lower lip. You know now that you are in the presence of the God of Vampires. He looks at you and smiles. "You have found me. Very well done. You carry a burden, the souls of your friends. Hand me the ruby of transformation, and I shall see to it that they may live again."
Gingerly you take it from your pocket and hand it over to the god. It seems to sparkle as it touches his hand.
"Now here is your test." The room blurs, and suddenly you are surrounded by humans. "Drain their blood. All of them."
There must be a trick! There is more blood here than a hundred vampires could drain! There is no possible way! Your mind whirls with thoughts. Suddenly, one makes sense, so you grab onto it and use it.
The god smiles. "And why not? Do you not hunger?"
"Vampires had laws, I shall use them. I shall only drain the sick, the weak, the old. Should one wish to be drained, then he or she must first be my donar for blood for one month." You continue to recite your old laws. Slowly, the god's grin grows.
"You have passed. Here is your Cloak. Now for your last part to be stripped from you."
" shall I get to the God of Knowledge's temple?"
"I shall place your soul there."
"I lost that with my human part..."
"Nay. You retain it still."
The world shifts, changes, and you stand before a tome of epic proportions. Around it, four pillars are filled...with your portions of your physical self. Suddenly, a man stands before you. You can feel the god-strength within him. The final test is at hand. He makes before you a set of scales. One set is of light, the other dark. Pebbles fill both. As you touch it you feel it's nature. This scale contains all the good and evil things that have ever transpired. They are balenced. You must choose which side shall pevail. The good side contains the Humans and Druids, the evil one holds the Wizards and Vampires. The side that loses shall also cause those parts of you to vanish.
You stand appaled at this choice that you must make. You must choose which portions of your self you like better than the others? You think of all the people that will die from your one act. There is no clear choice...or is there?
You extend your hand over the scale again, and this time it shifts, morphs into another version of itself. A third scale grows out of it, this one gray. You extend your hand over this one, and a large rock falls within.
"Let the people choose for themsleves."
Your four portions awaken, then walk towards you. They shift into your one self, your one conglomerate. Somehow, you walk into that, and you feel whole again. Then you face the Ultimate God of Knowledge. He nods towards the tome. You open it, and see your adventures play out in it's pages, and any other person or thing within it.
"Flip to the last three pages."
The God's voice startles you. It sounds so pure. You do as he commands. There you see the world should you have chosen good. Then should you have chosen evil. But there is no more writ within.
"This was not predicted. Now that they, the people, have free will, we, the gods, may not interact with them directly. Instead, we shall view this world through your eyes now, so that we may yet see of it."
The other gods have appeared, and one by one, they become one with you. You go back home after the last one walks into you.
You meet angry wizards. They immediatly do the best they can to hold you for a short time. Then they chant in low tones, and a portal opens onto a strange, bizzare landscape. This does not look like part of your kingdom. Then one of the wizards steps forward and points to you.
"Thadius LaFontania, on the basis that you are far too powerful and dictator-like to allow anyone to bring you back to mortal terms, I banish thee from this realm forever!"
A wrenching sensation grabs at your innards. You feel yourself move towards their portal. It closes behind you, stranding you on a weird world.
Eons have passed, and you keep yourself alive through all the magic you have run into. You have run the gauntlet of worlds, finding nowhere close to home. One day, you run into an odd youth. You start to tell him your story. He logs onto his computer one day and goes to a site, and logs in as Idea Master...

I'll let you all piece the rest together. :roll:

Well, sorry, but that's it.
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Posted: Sat May 21, 2005 8:04 pm    Post subject:  

Nice ending 8)
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Posted: Sat May 21, 2005 8:09 pm    Post subject:  

Thank you thank you. *Takes a bow.* Now that I have writ of his history, maybe he will go away.
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