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Virtual: Chapter 5
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Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 1:26 am    Post subject: Virtual: Chapter 5  

Chapter 5: Anglo Saxon
Lieutenant Commander Jack Art’s F4F Hellcat fighter spawned into the simulation and found himself flying over an ocean but he could also see the island of Okinawa ahead of him. Jack also saw that he was not alone in the simulation and could see Anne’s Japanese N1K1 fighter ahead of him. He tuned his radio to Anne’s frequency
“Alright Anne bring it on!” Jack said to her as he raised his altitude to match hers
“Come on punk,” Anne answered calmly over the radio. Both fighters were flying towards each other at full speed as they headed towards each other’s planes in the blue sky. Jack looked intently through his crosshairs as Anne’s plan grew bigger and bigger as they came closer into each other’s firing range. Jack pulled the trigger on his joystick, releasing an endless burst of machine gun fire that soared at Anne but shortly after he pulled the trigger he saw Anne’s plane show muzzle flashes from her machine guns. The cockpit started shaking as the bullets smashed into his plane but relentlessly Jack kept firing but when he knew that her plane was getting too close he turned the joystick to the left, turning it into a vertical position and yanked back on the joystick.
“You shot out one of my machine guns you bastard,” Anne laughed over the radio as Jack pulled up once more but into the clouds
“Serves you right. You’ve given me a fuel leak,” Jack laughed back as he levelled his plane out.

What the hell? Where did he go? Anne wondered as she flew past the coast of the Japanese island. She looked around the canopy of her plane but she couldn’t see anything. When Anne looked up at the sky however she could see a small fighter diving down at her at 3.5 Gs and quickly increasing with guns blazing
“Sneaky motherfucker!” she screamed over the radio as the bullets slammed into the top of the body of her N1K1. She banked right to avoid the wave of bullets; she heard Jack let out a strong yell that informed her that he was trying not to pass out and that he was pulled up to engage. Anne decided to play along and flew in a straight line at 80% throttle.

“Damn it that hurts!” William said over the radio as he levelled out his plane and manoeuvred behind Anne’s
“Well that’s Earth,” Anne’s voice crackled sounding cocky over the radio. William shook his head as he regained his strength and got behind Anne’s fighter that strangely enough was going straight. Jack pulled the trigger on the old WWII fighter that hit Anne’s plane in its rudders and flaps. Then suddenly Anne’s plane slowed down and Jack was about to go past it so in reaction he lowered his speed but the plane didn’t get enough time to slow down so before he knew it he was the one eating a machine gun sandwich. William placed the plane back into full throttle, banked away as the cockpit shattered uncontrollably but then the cockpit flashed red and Jack was suddenly back in the real life.

“What the hell is going on? I just came out of the interrogation room with the ambassadors from the Zoraxian ship and then I hear an explosion!” Admiral Magnus yelled out as he entered the bridge
“Something went wrong in the engine room sir and the fuel cells exploded sir!” an ensign yelled out to him
“But that’s impossible! That is a highly secured area!” Magnus yelled back in anger at the ensign
“Sir all guards in that area are KIA!”
“Damn it! How could this happen? The only way to get through there is either with a high-security card and the code on the security panel… Unless the-”
“Unless the bastard sabotaged security, killed the guards, hacked the panel and blew up the cells with a bomb,” Colonel Mike Ballows interrupted the Admiral while reading his thoughts.
“Sir we have confirmed reports of murdered pilots and security guards in the locker room also one of the Zoraxians has been killed!” another ensign yelled out over the hectic sounds of their fellow crewmembers running in and out of the bridge.

“Guys!” Lieutenant Commander Adrian Peterson of the Sky Angels squadron shouted over the radio on the as they soared outside of the cruiser and inside the boundary of the nebula.
“I have a plan to get back at those Zoraxians,” he continued over the squadron channel radio and immediately almost everyone in the Sky Angels squadron listened closely to their leader.

“Approaching Zoraxian cruiser, eight hundred metres,” Warrant Officer Varos reported over the radio as their fighter/bombers approached
“Okay remember people. Anglo squad will go in from the rear and take out their engines with their bombs. Saxon squad will approach the bridge and drop their bombs on them. We’ll meet up six o’ clock of the Zoraxian cruiser in sector D Five and we’ll nail their fighters as they come out!” Peterson re-briefed the pilots that were following him
“Okay guys! Anglo Squad begin your attack run!” Peterson then ordered as he stopped his ship about one thousand metres in front of the mercenary cruiser but hidden within the clouds of the nebula.
“Roger that Saxon Squad, beginning attack run,” a voice crackled over the radio Let’s get these motherfuckers! He didn’t say over the squadron radio as his fighter hovered in space. As he waited his listened in as he heard the pilots confirming that they had dropped their photon bombs. Once they were all done… It was their turn.
“Okay Saxon Squad form up on me and let’s kick some ass!” he yelled cockily over the radio. He pushed the throttle switch forward enabling full throttle and within seconds the Echo class fighter/bomber was soaring at top speed toward the Zoraxian cruiser. It would be tough for Peterson’s squad to do their run because the enemy ship’s batteries would be up by now. As Adrian flew through the nebula he could see the green colours of the battery lasers firing in Anglo Squads direction, when he saw the he flicked the cover of a button open with his thumb and pressed down to engage the Photon Bomb locking system.
“Mayday I’m hit I’m-” Adrian heard a voice from Anglo squad crackle over the radio and in the distance he could see a white flash. Adrian watched as the crosshair slowly moved over the cruiser and then locked on but now Adrian had to keep flying towards the ship so his bomb would make a fairly good damage ratio. Four Digits appeared below the bombs triangle crosshair that determined the distance between Adrian and the enemy cruiser. Once he was in firing range there was a loud, ongoing beep so Adrian slammed his thumb down on the same trigger of the joystick, so in reaction the bomb detached from his fighter/bomber and soared towards its target. Adrian formed an evil grin on his face and pressed the trigger on the joystick two more times that launched the last two bombs.
“This is Saxon Leader. Package delivered and am pulling away to sector D Five over!” Adrian reported as hey pulled back on his joystick so he could get the hell out of dodge.

Once Adrian and some of his squadron members made it to Sector D-Five they turned their fighter/bombers around, watched from a distance as the ships dropped their bombs making the explosion equivalent to a five megaton nuclear warhead. Their bridge and communications would be totally destroyed and their main engine would be severely damage. The way Adrian saw it… He was merely repaying a debt to the Zoraxians. The only option for those bastards now would be to jettison their ship but to be killed by the rogue pilots.

“Admiral Magnus sir!” A Warrant Officer yelled, running up to him
“What is it?” he asked annoyed as he helped try to repair the ship from the bridge
“It’s the Zoraxian cruiser sir! They’ve been hit badly!” he informed the Admiral, stuttering nervously as he spoke
“What? By who? Boragnians?” Magnus asked, turning away from what he was doing
“ No… By our own men sir. The Sky Angels squadron dropped their bombs on them and are attacking their fighters as we speak sir! They’ve lost almost all of their communications equipment and they’re bridge has been completely destroyed!” The Lieutenant informed him.
“We got to deploy our fighters to take them down,” the Colonel suggested calmly
“True…but those Boragnian fighters that were here earlier will have reported to their superiors before dying so they’re getting ready to jump here… We have got to get those fighters in here, move towards the Zoraxian cruiser and jump. It’s the only solution!” he responded to the second in command.
“But we wont have time to do that and not to mention this whole cruiser could implode on the attempt!” Colonel Ballows debated
“We have to try,”

“ Alright form up on me. If Intel is right then they should be engaging the Zoraxian fighters. Remember. Don’t kill our guys. They may be rogue but orders are to bring them back alive so use your paralysis lasers people!” Jack shouted out to his squadron over their squadron radio. They didn’t want the Sky Angels know they were coming to stop them.
“Roger that Iron man,” his squadron acknowledged as they lined up next to him. Jack felt enraged that his own people were attacking friendlies when clearly there was one Zoraxian that was hired by someone else.
Slowly he could see a cluster of fighters in the distance shooting each other how ever the Zoraxians were now using non-lethal lasers to scare the humans until their back up arrived.
“Loosen formation and target all rogue fighters people!” Jack ordered as he broke out of formation and engaged full throttle with his Boost mechanism on that was draining his fuel.
“Sky Angels this is Lieutenant Commander Jack Art of the Flying Phoenix squadron. This is your last chance to cease your activity before we engage,” Jack said once more over the open channel on the radio but there was no response. So when he saw one Echo class ship fly across the nose of his ship he immediately got behind it with an itchy trigger finger.

“Shit I got one on me!” Warrant Officer Varos yelled over the radio as he fired three rounds and pulled away from his target.
“Hang on I’ll be right there!” Adrian responded and immediately he engaged the front thrusters on his ship that made him do a back flip. He soared at full throttle through the cluster of non-lethal, lethal and paralysis laser crossfire. Pulling multiple manoeuvres he managed to get behind the fighter but he was too slow
“Shit he got me! I’m losing power-” he heard the Warrant Officer’s voice crackled over the radio until he lost communications with the squadron.
“Damn it!” he yelled and let out a long burst of live ammunition

“Yeah eat shit asshole!” Jack’s voice crackled over the radio as he pulled up to avoid the live ammunition, performed a back flip and fired back at the fighter from above but the pilot in that ship performed a barrel roll over to the left and avoided his burst of paralysis fire. Hello Adrian he thought. Only a squadron leader was this good at avoiding enemy fire and thus led to the conclusion of whom Jack was fighting. Jack pulled up immediately so he could get back on his target but Adrian shifted his fighter around in time and unleashed another burst of fire.
“Iron man do you need any help over there?” Anne’s voice crackled over the radio as she flew by his field of vision
“No I’m good,” he answered, smiling as he pushed his joystick forward, turning his fighter into a dive. Jack checked his six o’ clock to see that Adrian was being his foolish self and preparing himself for his finishing move. However Jack lowered his throttle, turned his fighter around using the fighter’s rudder, pulled the trigger and got out of the fighter’s way so he wouldn’t collide with Adrian’s ship.

It had only been a matter of minutes before the entire rogue fighter squadron had been disabled and were being dragged back into the cruiser via the Freedom’s functioning tractor beam.

“All fighters are inside the cruiser sir! Everyone is standing by for hyperspace travel!” the Warrant Officer reported to the Admiral
“Good. What about the other cruiser?” Magnus asked the NCO
“They’ve blocked off all access from their bridge but luckily enough their communication system is still online. However they have shut off their main engine. Apparently they have some fuel leaks from that vicinity. But they are standing by for hyperspace travel.”
“Very Well. Helmsman!” the Admiral shouted
“Yes sir?’ the driver answered while running through the ships diagnostics
“Engage the hyperspace engine. Don’t ask, just do it,” he ordered the helmsman, giving him a nod.

“Put you’re hands in the air!” a security guard yelled out to Lieutenant Commander Adrian Peterson as he jumped out of the fighter with a side-arm
“Put the gun down, put your hands in the air! You are to be sent to the Brigg on count of performing an illegal operation, multiple counts of murder and treason!” the same security guard continued. However Adrian did not do so but instead raised his pistol
“Oh really? Or is it all of you that are committing treason? These aliens that I have gladly so-called “Murdered” helped the Boragnians in wiping out Earth! Yet the Magnus chooses to be their friend… It is you people who are committing treason!” he shouted back, slowly pulling down the hammer on his pistol. Suddenly Adrian heard a footstep behind him, he turned around and found that he was face to face with a security guard that was attempting to tackle him so he could arrest him. Adrian placed his left hand on the barrel of his pistol and threw the pistol into the guard’s head rendering him unconscious. He turned around, back to the battalion of security guards that he was stupidly taking on when he saw Lieutenant Commander Jack Art step in front of the security guards with both hands on his pistol and looking down the iron-sight of his gun.
“Last chance or I will neutralise you,” Jack’s voice echoed through out the hangar bay. Adrian knew that the was only one way out of this and it was death by firing squad or lethal injection but he wasn’t a fan of either one. So he lowered his gun and pointed it at the unconscious body behind him.
“Three…” he counted down
“One…” after that Adrian dropped his gun onto the hard floor of the hangar bay… It was all over… He placed his right hand on his wound, stared at his own blood for a moment, listened to the sound of the pistol’s casing hit the floor, looked up, gave Jack a smile as if he was saying thanks and collapsed onto the floor dead…

To Be Continued…
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