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Welcome, Me2!
Quest, buy things and put them on your Oddling.

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Getting Started

Welcome! Here's the next step to learn how to play:

1. Create your character
2. Add extras
3. Enter the Land of Odd
4. Share a portrait of your Oddling
Go to My Oddling and click Share to bring up a camera, then take a picture for your personal gallery.
Your Bonuses
Come back tomorrow to get the Daily Bonus!

To gain more bonus Fame or Possibilities, add your own place.
Newest Quests
Winning A Battle, Losing A War  48
The First Cut is the Deepest  39
Taking Down the City of Terrors (part 1)  37
Finding Brian the Bold  75
A Simple Mission  74
Today's Questers (win !)
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Today's Jobbers
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