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SparkleSteps - Chapter Twelve poll is up!
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Tikanni Corazon

Joined: 25 Oct 2009
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Location: Running through the plains of my mind, my wolf spirit at my side (but doing so in the UK!).

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 3:16 pm    Post subject: SparkleSteps - Chapter Twelve poll is up!  

Shock, shock, horror! I actually managed to get a chapter out when I said I would! *gasp* I'm still feeling a little rusty though, so if I've made any mistakes or something doesn't sound right, please let me know. ;) I hope you enjoy!

SparkleSteps - Chapter 12

All three looked down at the spear, where it lay on the floor, in the exact place Old Bob had been stood mere minutes earlier.

"Violet and Rosie gone, and now Old Bob," said Milo, in a thoughtful, yet worried tone. "Where could they have gone to? Bob couldn't have gone very far, so he should be able to hear us calling... which means he can't be close by." He looked up at his Uncle's face, which matched the raw anxiousness, gnawing at his own insides. "Where could they be?"

Jem shook his head.

"I have absolutely no idea. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Despite the constant presence of the magical world here, I've never known a member of the household to disappear into thin air."

"You said that the Veeka couldn't get in here," piped up Winnie, looking around, as if the creature might spring out of one of the many doorways.

"And I was telling the truth, Winnie," replied Jem, giving her a reassuring smile. "The Veeka cannot leave the forest, and his magic isn't powerful enough to reach inside the house. No, this is something else, though I can't, for the life of me, fathom what that something else might be."

"What about Sorren?" suggested Milo, "He's still out there somewhere, and he's still a slave to that monster."

"But why would he just come and take Old Bob?" replied Jem, "Why not come in here and do away with all of us? Or, more likely, find Chanah, and take her to the creature. That's what he wants, so, if Sorren was able to get inside the house, surely that is who he would have been searching for. I think even that is beyond the Veeka's power. He's not the only one with magic, you know." Another smile played about Jem's mouth, as he looked down at his nephew, with look of pride. "The Allington's learned about the Elven magics a long time ago, though it's not all that strong. Certainly not strong enough to help in fighting the Veeka, but protective spells are within our capabilities. That's why I wasn't scared to enter the forest alone, I was able to perform a protective enchantment upon myself. But I still think it would have ended badly, for Winnie, had you not used you inituative, and followed me in there. I'm very glad you did."

"Chanah!" Winnie, suddenly blurted out. "Is she still here, or has she gone too?" She turned, and bolted up the stairs, the others hot on her heels.

They stopped at the door into Chanah's room, and burst inside. The Elven woman was nowhere to be seen, and the room looked as if she might never have been there, with the bed freshly made, and everything in it's place.

"She's disappeared too!" gasped Winnie, "What could have got Chanah?"

Jem wandered into the room, looking around. He made his way over to the large chest of drawers, then the wardrobe, and finally checked under the bed.

"I don't think anything got her," he said, as he stood back up again. "All of her things are gone, her clothing, her weapons. I think she left here of her own accord."

"Do you think she might have had something to do with the others disappearences?" asked Milo. Jem shrugged, and shook his head.

"I really couldn't tell you, Milo. The Elves have some powerful magics, but I've never heard of them being able to make things just vanish into thin air." He plopped down on the edge of the bed, and sat there, eyes closed, massaging his temples. "We need something to help us to find them, any of them. But I don't know what."

"Do the Elves have anything that they use for that sort of thing?" Winnie asked, thoughtfully. Jem opened his eyes, and looked at her, questioningly.

"Why do you ask that?"

"Well, they have the Keyfinder, to find the Key-stone, so I thought they might have something similar to find other things?"

"How do you know about those things?" Jem's eyes were now sharp, and bright with interest.

"That's what Chanah asked us to do," Milo answered, "She asked us to help her to find the Key-stone, so that she could open the door, and she and Sorren could escape, back into their own world. We think we might have found half of it..." Milo paused, as he dug into his pocket, and pulled out the beautiful green semi-sphere. "We were looking for the other half in the basement, and that's when we first met Mot... MOT! There's no way he could have got out of here on that broken leg!" Milo dashed out of the room, down the hall, and into Mot's room. To his relief, and slight amazment, the Elven man was lay, sleeping peacefully in his bed, his broken leg propped up on a stack of pillows.

Milo ran to the bedside, and gently shook Mot's shoulder, just as Jem and Winnie entered the room, both showing expressions of relief, equal to his own. He looked back down at Mot, as the injured man's eyelids fluttered open, and his eyes focused on Milo.

"What's the matter? Why did you wake me?"

"I wouldn't have, Mot, if we hadn't been in desperate. Something strange is happening in the house, and we need to find out if you might be able to help us." And with that, he began to relate the story of what had happened to them in the last few hours. Mot lay there, frowning in concentration, as he listened to the tale. When Milo reached the end, he paused, and waited for him to comment.

"How do you think I might be able to help you?" asked Mot, gesturing down at his battered body. "I'm hardly in any shape to physically aid you in finding them."

"We were wondering if the Elves had anything like the Keyfinder, that could be used to search for people instead," Milo answered, crossing his fingers, hoping that Mot would say yes.

"Well, yes, as a matter of fact, we do, though it's not going to be very useful in helping you to find your friends, even if you do have one, which I very much doubt."

"Why not?" pressed Jem.

"Because it only works on Elves," Mot said, simply, "It won't be able to locate the others, though you might succeed in discovering where Chanah has gone to.

"Well, that's a start, isn't it," exclaimed Jem. "Right then, what does this thing look like?"

"It's called Al'loren'etta," replied Mot, "meaning 'finder of souls'. It is made to represent a door, so it opens up, into two halves, each hinged onto the other. When this door is opened, a light will shine forth. We call this the 'guiding light', and it will appear as a long beam of shimmering white, leading you directly to the one you seek. The Al'loren'etta is usually worn around the neck, so that the bearer doesn't have to hold it at all times, it can simply dangle, and continue to point the way, leaving the bearer's hands free. As you probably already know, much of the Elven magic comes from using things in the world around us, be it plants, the elements..."

"Crystals?" Winnie interrupted him, her eyes shining with glee. "You use crystals, don't you?" Mot nodded.

"Of course we do. They are of the earth, and very powerful."

"Is the crystal in the Al'loren'etta the same as the ones in the crystal cave?" Winnie pressed on.

"Amethyst, yes... how did you know that?" Mot enquired, though Winnie didn't hear him. At the word 'yes', she'd sped out of the room, and ran off down the hall. Jem and Milo looked at each other, puzzled, and both shrugged to indicate to Mot that they were none the wiser. They didn't have to wait long. Moments later, she returned, something shiny, but dirt covered, dangling from her right hand.

"The locket!" Milo exclaimed, as he recognised the necklace, that they'd found in the field, at the same time as the Keyfinder earring. Winnie nodded, her eyes gleaming with excitment.

"Is this what you were talking about?"

Mot, surprise etched on his every facial feature, nodded.

"Yes, it is! How on earth did one of those get here?"

"It doesn't matter how," exclaimed Milo, excitedly. "What matters is that it is here, and, hopefully, it's going to help us!"


After that, Jem thanked Mot, and said that they would leave him in peace. He led the way back downstairs, Milo and Winnie following, the Al'loren'etta still clutched tightly in the latter's grasp.

Jem entered his study, and ushered the two of them inside, gesturing for them to sit down, on the large sofa. He took a seat, in his favourite chair, and looked at them.

"So, what do you think?" he asked them. "Do we go after Chanah or not? I don't think it's very likely she's managed to cart off all three of them, especially without the slightest trace. I can't see Violet or Bob going anywhere with her willingly, certainly not without letting me know first, especially Violet. She can't stand Chanah. And even Rosie would put up as much of a fight as she possibly could. No, I don't think it likely that Chanah has had anything to do with their disappearences. But, at the same time, she to has gone missing, though, unlike them, I believe that she has gone of her own accord. Bob disappeared suddenly, without being given the chance to gather any belongings he might want, and the same with the others. The things that they hold dear have been left, exactly as they were when they were here. Even the spear was left behind, for God's sake, an item that Bob had in his possession at the time. Chanah has taken everything with her."

Jem paused for a moment, once again massaging his temples, as if he had a head ache from all of the ponderings floating around inside his mind.

"Although, " he continued, "she might still be able to help us to find them. She's a very capable woman, able to hunt, track, and fight, when the occassion calls for it. She could prove very valuable, if she was willing. And, at the same time, if she's been rash, and buggered off, back into the forest, she puts us all at great risk." He paused again, continuing to apply the rotating motions to the sides of his head.

"That said, if she's unwilling, I'm not enough of a swordsman to compete with her, rendering me, pretty much, incapable of forcing her back here. In this house, I have power over her, but outside is a whole other story. In order to even stand a possible chance of doing such a thing, I would need more than just me taking her on."

He stopped talking, and all three of them sat in silence, save for the crackling of the fire, in the grate. Finally, Milo cleared his throat, and spoke.

"What about the spear? Wouldn't you be able to fight her with that? It's obviously a powerful weapon, as it was going to be used to slay the Veeka, even if it didn't work."

Jem shrugged.

"I don't have enough knowledge about it, to really know what it can do. We'd need to discover more, before going out there, brandishing it in her face. Plus, if what Old Bob said he saw was true, the true owner might not be too pleased about us using it against her own kind." He sighed. "Everything is so... jumbled, so uncertain. I don't know what our plan of action should be..."

"Well, we have to do something," Milo piped up, his voice edged with frustration. "We can't just sit here, whining about how hard everything is going to be, and weighing the pros and cons of every possible action we can take. Every minute we use discussing it, the more of a chance there is of something bad happening. We have to make a decision now! What are we going...?

Jem stopped short, as a sudden rumble began to make the room shudder. It stopped as quickly as it started, leaving the three of them breathless with shock, and wide-eyed with fear.

"What the hell was that?" Jem said, thinking aloud, not expecting any answer. Winnie began to whimper, and Milo reached out and grasped her hand, to comfort her.

"It's okay, Win. It's ov..." His sentence was cut off, as another quake shook them, and the room around them. But this one didn't stop, it continued on, getting stronger and stronger. Books began to fly off the shelves, and ornaments and vases fell to the floor, smashing to pieces on impact. The children and Jem hung on to their seats, each of them hoping and praying it would stop.

Suddenly, a blazing light shone in through the study window, so powerful it shattered the glass. Everything around them disappeared, and the world turned white. Milo heard Winnie screaming, though he could neither see nor feel her. He closed his eyes against the constant glare, wishing it would go away. But it didn't, and finally, the strain became too much for Milo, and he knew no more.


He awoke some time later, and found himself still in the study, though he had been unseated from the sofa, and was now lying on the floor. Looking around, he saw that Jem was in a similar position, and Winnie was lolled across the couch. Both were still unconscious, and unaware of the state of the room around them. The floor was a mass of broken glass, ceramics and furniture. The large mahogany desk, situated near the window, had practically split in two, snapped in half as if it was a mere twig.

As Milo attempted to sit up, a stab of pain, shot through his left shoulder, and, upon checking, he found a massive shard of glass sticking out of a wicked looking wound. He hissed with pain, as he gingerly sat up, and leaned back against the sofa, on which Winnie still lay. He attempted to try and pull the shard out, but found it to be so painful, that he decided to wait for his Uncle to regain consciousness, so that he could take a look at it.

Looking out of the shattered window, Milo suddenly noticed a dim, pulsating glow, in the distance. Keeping his movements slow and cautious, so as not to jarr his injured shoulder, he got to his feet, and made his way over, to get a better view of the light. As he walked across the room, he could hear the fallen glass crunching beneath his feet. A mirror lay on the floor, tilted in such a way, that he could see his shadowy reflection, and even in the near dark, it was obvious that he had sustained more injuries, than just the one to his shoulder, though all of them seemed minor. Miniature rivers of blood had trickled, and dried on his face, where obviously other pieces of glass had hit him. It suddenly occured to him how easily one of those shards could have blinded him, or even killed him, and he realised that an injured shoulder was actually not so bad.

At last, he reached the window, and was able to locate the source of the light, finding that it was coming from the center of the forest. He found that he wasn't surprised in the slightest. But upon thinking about it, he found that he was a little confused. Jem had said that the Veeka didn't have the kind of power to affect them inside the manor house. And yet, this light came from the inside the middle of the monster's domain. Who or what else could it be?

He heard a stirring behind him, and turned to find Jem attempting to get to his feet. His Uncle grunted in pain, as he managed to stand, and hobbled over to Winnie.

"Is she okay?" Milo asked, quietly. Jem nodded.

"I think so yes. I think she just got knocked out by the force of that... that light, whatever it was." Jem turned his eyes upon Milo. "What about you? You alright?"

"Well, I think so, apart from this." Milo gestured to the injured shoulder, and Jem approached, and gently examined the wound. Milo winced, as he delicately prodded the torn flesh.

"I think it probably feel and looks worse than it actually is," said Jem, "It's not too deep, but I'll still leave off doing anything, until I have some light to see it better." He looked out of the window, the dim light from the forest, catching his attention. Milo looked up at him.

"What do you think it is?" he asked, praying that Jem had a few answers, but was disappointed when the only response he got was a shake of the head. Despite all that had happened though, he still had faith in his Uncle. Turning his own gaze to look at the cause of the destruction around them, he asked the most important question.

"What are we going to do?"

What should their plan of action be?

Thanks all for reading, and I hope it was okay, and that you enjoyed it! I'm glad that I didn't make you all wait a couple of months for this chapter. Hopefully, I'll continue to get them out at a reasonable time! :)

P.S - I'm having a little trouble getting online sometimes at the moment (connection trouble), so if I don't respond to your comments straight away, or correct any mistakes, or make any changes, it's not because I don't want to, it's because I can't. ;) So thanks for your patience, in advance, just in case.
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Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 3:46 pm    Post subject:  

*jumps for joy* wahoo! another SS! very intriguing i may add
as for the dp-okay i forget, do they still have that storybook that Tiana popped out of? cause if they do i say we look in there for any clues on lights, earthquakes and disappearing people


Quote: so as now to jarr his injured shoulder,
so as not to jarr...?
Quote: an injured shoulder was actually no so bad.
not so bad
Quote: "Well, I think so, appart from this.
Quote: it was coming from the centre of the forest.

Awsmnss!!!!! :P
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 4:27 pm    Post subject:  

*giggles* Thanks CBG! Corrections have been made! :)

*ponders*...To be honest, I can't actually remember for sure if they have the book either, which sounds so bad when writing about ones own SG. :P But yes, I'm pretty sure they do, and even if the kids don't have it, it will only be because Jem has it instead, so they will still have access to it.

Thanks for reading, for the corrections, and the suggestion! :)
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Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 10:54 am    Post subject:  

Another excellently written chapter, Tika. I'm really getting back into the story now. I especially like how you don't rush through the action-- there was an appropriate moment of self-examination and pause following the earthquake. The fragment with Milo examining his wounds and walking across the room full of broken glass was an effective way to set the reader into the scene. The problem, perhaps, is that these brilliant descriptive moments can go to waste if not placed strategically. Why bother describing the state of the house, if the next chapter will take us into the forest, for example? Of course, that's not entirely your fault, since you have no idea what the reader will decide to do. But bear in mind that your descriptions must be deliberate-- don't describe everything as a matter of habit, but with a very specific purpose in mind.

Since you've already set the scene so well in the house, I'm prone to remain here a bit longer. The first step would be to check that Mot is ok, and whether he knows anything about this light. Second, use the library (there's a library, right?) to investigate the nature of the light. Third, try to heal Milo. Fourth, have a talk with his sister Winnie to see how she's holding up; she's young and all this turmoil might be affecting her. Fifth, gather weapons or tools that can be used in case they encounter the Veeka or anything else in the forest, where they must eventually go.

To sum it all up in one sentence: stay in the house a bit longer in order to gather their strength after this shock.
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 2:37 pm    Post subject:  

Thanks for reading, D, and I'm glad you liked it! And I'll keep in mind the advice about the descriptive text. :)

I did have to look back to see if I'd mentioned a library, earlier on in the story, as I knew I'd listed a load of rooms when Winnie was sneaking around trying to find where everything was, when they were searching for the Keystone. Though there isn't a library mentioned specifically, the east and west wings remain unexplored by the children, and a huge, great manor house without a library doesn't quite seem right to me. ;) So I can definitely do something with that.

Thanks again!
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Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 8:22 pm    Post subject:  

I'm not sure if Jem had the book or the kids still had it but I think its still in the house somewhere and I had the same idea to check the book first. After some research through the book and the library for wider access to information (as D suggested), I believe they should not go charging into the forest but rather find Chanah first... she may have some valuable answers there.

I liked how you were indicating a DP there and then suddenly threw the story in another direction. I was suspecting that something had changed about the 'rules' and that magic could now get through the forest. Old Bob's dissapearance could nary be answered any other way. With that last scene, you showed us in stunning detail how true that suspicion to be.

So we know that the forest is a destination. And as a result, I agree with D on arming ourselves FULLY before venturing forth. But we need to first seek Chanah.

As for the writing itself, superb. Some of D's feedback was interesting and a good read for anyone to take note of. But just in case we leave the house right away, I don't believe you overembelished on the state of the home - we need to see the devestation that was left in this powerful incident's wake - that is important and justifies a lot of lip service to the aftermath.

One small niggle that I got when writing a story about children though is to keep in mind the differences in children's perspectives. Milo is gradually seeming more and more adult-like, which makes some sense given the magnitude of the situation, but don't leave his childhood behind entirely. You haven't misstepped here really and recovery is easily achieved in chapters to come. But you've gone far enough to suggest that you bring us back to understanding his childish nature down the road here.

You have developed, in the plot, some amazingly intense tension. We have very mysterious dissapearances and a lot of confusion on how to address it while at the same time a desperate sense of the importance of successfully navigating the situation. Excellent! Keep that tension strong and it keeps the reader hooked throughout. I know I am ;)
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 5:29 pm    Post subject:  

*makes a deep curtsey* A thank thee, great mayor of IF, for your comments and suggestions. ;)

The 'direction throwing' was actually done just before I posted up the story. I'd read through what I had written prior to that (my usual 5+ times, and still not much the wiser as to whether it was any good or not), and suddenly decided that I wasn't happy with the DP. It was just so predictable as to what suggestions would come up, as it seemed pretty limited. So, I thought to myself, 'If in doubt, throw in an explosion.' And it seems to have worked pretty well. *giggles* And I'm always so relieved to hear when people actually think my writing is good, as I have such trouble trying to work out if it is or not. So, so hard to not over critisize ones own work, I think. Makes me feel on top of the world to think that I can write something that others enjoy reading and taking part in. So thanks to everyone for that! :)

I was actually thinking the exact same thing as you, when I was writing the chapter, about Milo becoming a little 'old' for his age. I think I was trying to get across the effect that such responsibity can have on a child, not only that that he's been faced with since moving to Amethyst Estate, but also that of being an older brother, and feeling that looking after Winnie in on his shoulders, now that their parents are gone. And that loss in itself would also have an effect on a kid. But, that said, I do think he is getting a little bit too mature, in his ways and speech, and I am going try and tone it down, and keep it in mind while I'm writing the chapters that follow. Rest assured, it will be addressed! :)

I've had a bit of a brainstorm, over the last couple of days, as to what could happen in the story. Up until now, I've pretty much just gone with the flow, and just sat back to see where each dp takes me, without having much of a plan. I figure that the story isn't going to go on for too many more chapters (though there will still be a good few, so no worries), and that I needed at least a partial plan, as to what could happen. And I think I've stumbled upon something that shouldn't really be effected by the DPs too much, and that I could just intergrate into the story as it goes along. It's not a definite, but I do really like the idea, so watch this space. ;)

Thanks again TB! Your continued readership means alot! :)
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Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 7:34 pm    Post subject:  

No problem Tika! You're one of the great IFian authors for certain. Have you considered taking a seat on the council? I'd love to have you onboard!
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Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 10:08 am    Post subject:  

*scratches head in thought*

Ummm. Mot described a shimmering white light when the Al'loren'etta is being used. Winnie had the Al'loren'etta in her hand. A shimmering white light blasted in from the window. Milo couldn't feel or see Winnie during that time.

Jem has mentioned that the Allington line do have a little of what it takes to perform magic albeit very basic and feeble.

Was it by chance that Winnie was the one the Veeka kidnapped, or by design?

Go and talk to Mot, if he's still there. Sod library books - Winnie may be able to seek both elven and non-elven if she can operate the thing, but only Mot would be able to confirm that for sure. She may even have already done it.

(oh and he needs to go get his shoulder fixed soon. Injured shoulders are bloody painful. ;) )
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Posted: Sat May 14, 2011 3:03 am    Post subject: I Think......  

*Kuu* Still in love with Jem here.....*Grins* But, I'll try to keep drool to a minimum. =^.^=

Great chapter, and a fine adition to an ever evolving world of magic and mystery!Lesee......Not much to add, It seems to have all been said....Except for my DP idea!

*Goes out on a limb* I'd say, after getting his shoulder fixed up, Milo does the heroic big brother thing and leaves his sister with Jem, and sneaks off to go examine the light. I know the little boy in me would do that. Even if she isn't seriously/obviously injured, it's get my over protective big-bro blood boiling! That and all the terror and pain already caused her by these forest dwelling creatins would already have me up-in-arms! Grab the damn spear, seeing as it's supose to work against the Veeka, and go take it on in true loving big brother fasion!

Keep up the time trend Tikanni-chan!
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Sat May 14, 2011 10:47 am    Post subject:  

Thanks for reading, and for the comments and suggestions, Crunchy and Pope!

I'll probably put a poll up in a couple of days, and then see if I can get another chappie out very soon. I will try to keep up the 'time-trend' as you call it, Pope! ;)


I'm just editing in that I have to stress the word 'try' in the last post. My internet connection has been pretty crap lately, and so if I can't actually get on here, of course, it might take a little longer to post up a new chapter. So I'll thank you for your patience in advance, and hopefully it will go back to normal soon! :)
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Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 7:13 pm    Post subject:  

Looking forward to the poll. Crunchy, you bring up some interesting facts I forget all about every chapter here - great job as a reader! You've offered some great insights I wouldn't have considered otherwise.

And Pope - I love your idea. It sounds very much like the sort of thing I'd have done as a kid of his age too, specially after some very confidence building experiences up to this point.
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 3:36 pm    Post subject:  

Okay, the poll is up! Sorry it's taken a little longer than I said it would, but I've been a little out-of-sorts for the last couple of days, and polls were the last thing on my mind. Still not completely back to normal yet, but hopefully I will be able to get a new chapter out by next week.

Thanks for reading, and for your participation! As always, it means alot. :)
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Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 8:29 pm    Post subject:  

Out of sorts? Awww... I hate seeing friends feel down. (though I'd be a hypocrite if I said life never gets to me.)

I voted, not for the most intelligent decision, but for the one that would be most 'in character' and would propell the plot in a fascinating direction.
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 3:13 pm    Post subject:  

Alright, the poll is now closed! Looks like Milo is off to seek the answers for himself. ;)

I'll see if I can get a new chapter out by Tuesday, if possible. Thanks for voting!
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Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 10:32 pm    Post subject:  

Thanks for writing Tikky!
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