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More Human than Human - Coming Soon!
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:41 am    Post subject: More Human than Human - Coming Soon!  

Ok. In this thread I will be posting, the background/plot, The rules, the character sheet/rules and the power list. In that order.

This is going to be a superhero rp which means buttkicking and witty one liners.
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Joined: 10 Jan 2010
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:42 am    Post subject:  

The freezing water was almost a relief as Apollo made contact with it. He had just crashed through five stories of concrete, wood and tile straight into a pitch black room filled with water that would make a polar bear feel at home For a minute or so, he didn't fight it. He didn't do anything. He just floated. He muscles ached. They usually did after a fight but this was different. The fight wasn't even over yet and even worse. He was losing. Once his lungs decided that oxygen would be a bonus, he swam for the surface.

The action seemed like it was taking forever and then it hit him why. The water was moving too. Before He could think of a way out of his predicament, some force grabbed him and ejected him from the water. He crashed through the final floor he had already passed through and landed with a thud on the ground.

“Never going to win,” a voice hissed in his ear. Glancing up, he saw a stream of light flowing down from the previous holes he had made. Reaching toward it, a couple streams of light flowed into his hand, turning it into a torch.

“Nice of you to leave me a bit of light, Voltage,” Apollo said. Glancing around, he saw that he was in an unfinished set of offices. “Come on. Show yourselves, all of you. Come on!”

An amused chuckle filled the room and before he knew it there was a flash of light and his surroundings changed. He was now in a different world. A realm made of fire and rock. Normal men would have been terrified but Apollo just laughed.

“Mr. R,” he said. “Good to see that your part of this. What's your role? The escape plan?”

“No, he's the distraction,” another voice answered. Directly in front of him, an individual appeared. He was shorter and had a mess of short rainbow colored hair. He was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a black vest. A pair of green goggles covered his eyes. Gekko. Superhuman ability to blend in to his environments. Royal pain in the ass.

Gekko leapt into the air and delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of Apollo's head. Before he could hit the ground, he felt himself being grabbed by the back of the skull. After another blast of bright light, he found himself being thrown through a wall into a dimly lit apartment.

As he started to stand, a strange sensation hit him. It was like someone was digging their fingers into his brain. Reacting quickly, he reached up and used the remaining light to create a flash and blind the individual by him. A tall man dressed in an old cultists robes stumble back and collapsed to the ground.

Hearing steps nearby, he grabbed the fallen form of Mackey and threw him into a man dressed in purple spandex and a metal helmet. Rushing past them, Apollo saw the individual behind this whole attack. He was dressed in a copper suit complete with domino mask. Voltage.

Charging ahead, he found himself stopped as a swarm of locusts suddenly engulfed him. “Never win. The age of heroes is dead.” They all roared in his ears. He managed to get away and as he swung at Voltage, his hand went right through him. The Illusion Master.

Before another thought could enter his brain, he felt the ground beneath him give way. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw a figure dressed in rags, his hand on the ground. Rusty.

The floor gave way and Apollo barely caught himself on the ledge. Looking down, he could make out Voltage's silhouette. Below him was the almost arctic water he had fallen in before. The water was sparking and buzzing from contact with the madman below. A million thoughts ran through the hero's mind in the final seconds before the floor gave way under his fingers. He closed his eyes and as he made contact with the water, his body was filled with electricity. In a matter of moments, he was dead.

With Apollo's demise, thus marked the end of the heroes. Apollo was the final one and he had been felled. Voltage turned himself in immediately after. Without heroes, he saw no more reason in remaining free. Shortly after imprisonment, he fell into a coma. To him, there was no more reason to even be awake. The other eight took over Savage City and declared that it was theirs. No one argued. Until the heroes started to return. People with exceptional abilities started to stand up to the crime and corruption.

Now 2 years after the death of Apollo and six months after the rebirth of the hero, a villain has woken up in a secret prison and his generals are done playing nice.
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:44 am    Post subject:  

Ok. So...I totally took these from Tika but really...these are the only rules role-play wise you need to know. Tika...if you don't like the fact that I took these...I will write my own version.

The Rules of Game-Play

1~ Probably one of, if not 'the' most important rule for friendly RPing – No god-modding! The only character that you get to control is the one you have created yourself, unless you have express permission from myself to do so, and that's unlikely to happen unless there's a very good reason behind the request. Even then, it will only be over NPC characters. There is no way that you can have a say in the actions of another player's character.

An example with the no-nos marked in bold:

Lara walked close to the lake's edge. She turned to look at Aiden and smiled when he looked back at her. Suddenly, she lost her footing and slipped. She lurched frantically at Aiden, grasping his arm as she desperately tried to prevent herself from falling. But she only succeeded in dragging him down too, and both of them fell into the water below.

The first part could potentially be okay. If, in the previous post Aiden looked at Lara, she could acknowledge that he'd done so. So in that instance, this is fine. If not though, Lara's player can not just assume that Aiden is going to look back at her. That is for Aiden's player to decide. He/she may wish for Aiden to not notice Lara looking at him. So, acknowledgement of an action fine, making up an action not fine.

The second one there's no way around it. Complete no-go. Lara's player cannot make the decision that Aiden is going to fall. Any number of things could happen to prevent that from happening. He could grab a hold of something or his player may even wish to just shake Lara off to stop himself from falling. You cannot take it upon yourself to arrange these things to happen as you'd want. Also, depending on how you play, the GM could have a say in whether Lara succeeds in grabbing a hold of Aiden or not, giving both players something to react to.

The correct version:

Lara walked close to the lake's edge. She turned to look at Aiden and smiled at him. Suddenly she lost her footing and slipped. She lurched frantically at Aiden, reaching out to grab him to prevent herself from falling.

No god-modding here. Aiden gets to choose how his character reacts, and the GM, if he/she wish to have a say in what happens, can.

The GM (Game Master) is the exception to the rule. The GM is all powerful, and knows everything! Mwahahahahaha! So you'd better all hope that I'm not some control freak, intent upon having everything go my way...nah, I'm not. XD Relaxed and groovy GM here! But still, I am the only one that can have a say in what happens to your characters besides yourself. Just be sure to keep to your own charrie and there shouldn't be any problems.


2~ Word count per post – I've been having a good think about this, and as I've said before, I want the quality of writing here to be akin to that which you'd grant to your own SGs, so that images and actions can be properly conveyed to the other players. I think for that to happen, there needs to be a certain amount of writing in each post. That said, we don't want every post to be a novel in itself.

So, minimum word count is to be 100 words. No less than that if you please. And I think I can trust you all to be sensible when it comes to the maximum length, so I'm going to put a 1000 word maximum on posts, just so that you have the elbow room in case you need it. But, in general, try and keep it to quite a lot less than that please.


3~ Grammar – As I just said, I was the same amount of care to be taken with your posts here as I would in your SGs, so I expect a good level of grammar and spelling please. It's just good manners really. Myself and the other players will be reading your posts so it should be done properly. I'm not going to be an ogre about it and go mad every time there's a typo. Just generally keep tabs on it and do your best.


4~ Be friendly – I want this RP to go well and I want everyone to get on and such, so keep it friendly. If you have any problems, tell me and I'll get it sorted out. I do not want any bickering or personal vendettas or anything like that. This is supposed to be fun, and I will not tolerate anyone attempting to compromise that.

There may be more rules added if/when they're needed, but those are the main ones that come to mind for me. Keep to them and everyone will be happy. Break them once, you'll be given a warning, unless that once is something very affecting to the game, in which case it will be decided on a case by case basis. Break them continually, and there will be consequences.
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:00 am    Post subject:  

Ok. The Character Sheet. Fill this out all the way and PM it to me. (Note: Arch-Nemesis list is in post below. Description in post below that. Second note: Only one hero per arch nemesis unless I say otherwise, which will only happen if we get more than 8 players)

Try to be original with your Hero Name.

Yes you are starting off a Hero, there will be opportunities to be a villain later if you so please.

You must have a Main Power & a Main Weakness. The Main weakness must be a limit or downfall of the Main Power. They must be connected somehow.

You do not have to have 5 Minor Powers/weaknesses. You may ONLY have 5 though. It is a maximum. For every Minor power you have, you must have a minor weakness as well to help balance the character. These may be disconnected from the minor powers.

Major Powers can only be used by one hero at a time so choose fast. Minor powers can be used by more than one person

Powers in the Major Powers list may be a minor power (a less powerful version though) Only some Minor powers may be used as a major power. Gadgets and Armor being the main two. PM me for more information.

Hero Name:

Secret Identity:







Main Power:

Minor Powers:






Main Weakness:

Minor Weakness:








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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:08 am    Post subject:  

Major Powers
Alternate Form (Gas, Liquid)
Animal Control
Astral Projection
Create Object
Element Control (Air, Earth,)
Energy Blast
Energy Control (Cold, Darkness, Fire, Gravity, Magnetic)
Natural Weapon
Shape Matter
Super Speed
Super Strength
Weather Control

Minor Powers
Additional Limbs
Force Field
Super Dexterity

The Illusion Master (Illusion Powers) - Taken
Gekko (Blending)
Mr. R (Dimensional Travel) - Taken
Locust (Alternate Form - Swarm) - Taken
Rusty (Corrosion)
Mindset (Mind Blast) - Taken
Mackey (Posession) - Taken
Drowner (Water Control) - Taken
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Joined: 10 Jan 2010
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:07 am    Post subject:  

The Illusion Master :
Has the ability to conjure Illusions to fool all of your senses. Was a hero at one point but obtained a newfound delight in causing people to go mad with his illusions. Has become a major danger on the street. His first run in villainy was as Voltage's double. Now runs a reputable haunted house in the center of the Savage City. He keeps a hold of the center district by making people fear and question their own existence.

Gekko is like a chameleon. He has the uncanny ability to change his appearance to blend into his environments. This is almost as good as Invisiblity except that he can't move while using it or someone might see through it. Had a decent run as Voltage's spy. Now he uses his ability to spy on the citizens of Savage City and then blackmail them.

Mr. R
No one knows why he goes by the name Mr. R. And no one asks, otherwise he might take them into another plane and leave them. His power is the ability to travel between dimensions. He can take two people along with him during one trip. He was Voltage's ambassador to other realms and realities. Now he is a world class smuggler, able to take items between and through dimensions, making travel time fairly quick.

This bug of a man has the ability to change himself into a swarm of bugs, most commonly that which he is named for. He was originally a farmer and after obtaining his powers, he used them to put his competitor's out of business. He assisted Voltage in a few money laundering schemes Now, he moves about the farms in the surrounding countryside, extorting them to make sure he stays on top.

The man with the rusting touch, Rusty makes things rusty, melt and deteriorate with a single contact. After his powers he worked as a contractor, using his powers to bring buildings down. After he was fired for something he didn't do, he went on a rampage and slaughtered seventeen people. With Voltage, he worked to help the man get rid of competing businesses. Now, he robs banks, destroys buildings and loves every minute of the chaos.

Mindset has the ability to cripple people with an assault of psychic energy. Once a respected reporter, he was driven mad with power and sought to rule. He workd as one of Voltage's Enforcers. After Voltage was imprisoned, Mindset went even more crazy and now just sits in the old abandoned asylum always laughing

The Possessor. He has the supernatural ability to possess people. He was granted this ability by a demon lord he had spent his life worshiping. He sought to control the minds of others and was blessed. Now he can control them completely. He was approached by Voltage to be an enforcer. He accepted and usually punished people by making them punish themselves. He now lurks within the bodies of powerful individuals, using them to attract the ladies he could never get.

Voltage's brother and most loyal general. Drowner discovered his powers after a group of modern day pirates attacked him and tried to kill him by tying him to an anchor. It failed and he found he had dominion over water. He eventually found the pirates and he punished them. His act of revenge darkened his soul and he sought to do evil. He worked as his brother's assassin ans associate and after Voltage was locked away. He took over the ports, controlling what comes into the city and what goes out.
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Tikanni Corazon

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:34 am    Post subject:  

I don't mind at all, Biz! At least if they're being used by someone else, it kinda proves that they're good rules. XD

And I've also sent you a PM with my character attached! Hope she's okay. Also going to attempt to draw a pic of her and upload it for you to see. :)

PS - This sounds awesome! XD
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:49 pm    Post subject:  

*runs around waving her arms frantically* YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Biz, this sounds great! I will work on my character and get her to you asap. (I am so giddy right now XD)
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:34 pm    Post subject:  

Tika what's your major power? Since there can only one, I think we should reserve them here...

I'm writing up mine too!
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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:15 pm    Post subject:  

I have already removed Tika's power from the list. She chose Alternate Form - shadow. When Powers are chosen I will remove them from the list. If you want to reserve yours list them here and I will remove them from the list.
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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:24 am    Post subject:  

Since I saw some confusion in the Inn. I decided to throw this up. Because I can. You're welcome.

Power Glossary
Alternate Form (Gas, Liquid) - You can change your physical form into something else.

Animal Control - You Control animals

Astral Projection - Your spirit leaves your physical body and roams free

Create Object - You can form solid objects out of nowhere

Datalink - You can interface with computers at a distance

Density Control - You can change your body's mass at will

Duplication - You can create a duplicate of yourself. Exactly like you with your abilities except this power

Elasticity - You can elongate your body and your limbs.

Element Control (Air, Earth,) - you control a certain element

Energy Blast - You fired a blast of energy or force that does some damage

Energy Control (Cold, Darkness, Fire, Gravity, Magnetic) You control a certain type of energy

Growth - You can grow at will, turning into a giant (with the strength as such)

Incorporeal - You assume an incorporeal form, able to pass through matter

Invisibility - No one can see you

Natural Weapon - You have claws (bone claws if your wolverine), fangs, horns, spines, etc, that act as a natural weapon for you in hand to hand combat

Plant Control - You have the ability to make plants grow and give them some limited movement. You can make a plant grow to full maturity in one round and can make them ensnare enemies like a snare (provided its the right type of plant. Sunflower would be a little useless as a snare)

Postcognition - You get a glimpse into the past as if you were there for the event in question

Precognition - you get a glimpse into the future as if you were present for the certain event

Shape Matter - You reshape inanimate matter into new forms as if it was clay

Shapeshift - you can change your physical appearance

Shrinking - You can shrink yourself at will

Sorcery - You possess a great amount of magic

Super Intelligence - genius intellect

Super Speed - Can run at inhuman speeds. Think The Flash (if major power)

Super Strength - You have extraordinary strength

Telekinesis - You can move objects with your mind

Telepathy - You can read minds and communicate with thought

Teleportation - You can move instantly from place to place without crossing the
distance in between

Transformation - You can change other creatures into other shapes and forms. Like shapeshift but on others instead of you

Weather Control - You can control the weather.

Additional Limbs - You sprout additional limbs

Armor - You have a suit of armor that protects you (may be Ancient, Medieval,
Modern or High-Tech)

Clinging - You can climb or walk along vertical surfaces or ceilings

Deflection - You can deflect incoming attacks

Drain - Temporarily drain ones vitality and use it as your own. Must be done by touch

ESP - Sense distant places and things as if you were present (All other senses shut down while in use)

Flight - You can fly

Force Field - You generate a visible shield of energy to protect you

Gadgets - Can develop the right gadget for the right occasion. Maximum of ten gadgets may be created with this power.

Healing - You can heal minor injuries by touch

Leaping - You can jump greater distances than a normal person

Paralysis - You render a target unable to move

Running - you can run twice as fast as a normal person. (Super-speed as a minor
power is three times)

Super Dexterity - You have heightened agility and dexterity

Strike - You strike harder than usual (Martial arts or from energy fields around your hands

Swimming - You can swim twice as fast as a normal person

Weapon - You have a weapon
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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:39 pm    Post subject:  

Emergency Message. Very Important. Must Read.

Ok. People I am going to make this nice and sparkling clear. As the GM, what I say goes. Someone has questioned one of my power definitions in the Inn. I have since changed it to make it clearer.

Now I will be open to elaborating on powers if you need me to, even explaining how they will work in the rp and so on. But I will not change them to what you think they should be.


This means that as far as the rp goes. I am God. I make the enemies. I create the scenarios. Me. You can state your opinion but when you start to say that you know more than me about the system that I am using. We will have a problem.

If you have a problem with this, then too bad. I will only change Powers and the way they work if they start to become a detriment to gameplay.
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Tikanni Corazon

Joined: 25 Oct 2009
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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:50 pm    Post subject:  

I've posted up my origins piece. Hope it's okay. I was going to PM it to you Biz, but I found that I was pretty happy with it, so I just went ahead and posted it. But I can change anything if need be. :)
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