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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Trade Windows

Meeting for trade!

"This only looks to be half what we agreed! I said 2'000 units." Targh worked to look intimidating, glad his voice held steady, but forced to lock his arms to his sides to stop himself biting his nails.

"This all you take now, if boss get payment no troubles 'den boss make next shipment bigger."

The thick accent was not easy to understand, but Targh had dealt with the weasel-face toad of a man before. It had been some years ago, and granted it was a 'new' boss these days, but he didn't like these hoops he was being made to dance through. Targh frowned. Pulling down his shoulders and lifting his head to take full advantage of his tall frame, he loomed over his diminutive contact.

"Garat, Garat... you're not listening to me. You've not been listening to me for the last two weeks! Now you will go back to your 'boss' and tell him, it's my clients that are willing to pay at the prices he wants. Without me, nothing sells. I want a full shipment of 2'000 units in this hold ready for pickup by tomorrow, or I'll take my business elsewhere."

"I can no tell boss dat, boss no like to hear that...aargh"

Targh gripped the back of Garat's neck hard, pinching it until the man was forced to look up, directly into his eyes.

"Do we understand each other?"

Trapped in the restraint on his neck, Garat tried unsuccessfully to nod, before croaking out a yes. Targh released him and stepped back, unconsciously wiping his hand on his jacket.

"Good... I'll see you tomorrow."


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