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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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Big Red Button!

Don't touch!

What are you doing in here!

Aah blast it, you pressed the big red button didn't you! Why does every no good, wannabe spacepirate that comes through these days press the damn button!

Is it not clearly labelled? Did I not request you touch nothing?


Here in the Sci-fi guild we are always on the lookout for genuine explorers, and by pressing that button we now know you are filled with the curiosity and courage to boldly go where... no I've been told I can't use that speech.

Whatever, it's great news. Please make sure to inform the guildmaster of your triumph by PM'ing him the secret codeword 'Flying spacegoats' to receive your special prize.

Have fun!

The End
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