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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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The Technology Issue


It is your first day at work. You wake up early to make sure you arrive on time. You do not want to be lost and end without the job in the first day.

As soon as you arrive Musad, your boss, came to you with all kind of instructions. How to address to clients, where are the stuff in the store and all of that. He also told you that you might have to go to clients and solve issues on their stores or company.

That thing put you a little nervous. It is not the same when you go to their store than when you do the work here. In the store, you have everything you could need, even the backup of your boss. “Here” said Musad waking you up from your thoughts. You look at the paper that he handled you. On the paper, it is an address, “go there and start working,” said Musad.

“Do you have tools?” asked Musad

“No” you answered looking around.

“You should get some tool kit so you can work on the client’s store,” said Musad looking at the tool kits on his store. “Go, I’m not paying you to look around” ordered Musad pointing to the door.

Is it the right time to buy a tool kit? Do you have enough money? Do I go to the client by bus or on foot?

Being this your first job you want to do it right but you are also confuse. What to do now?

Buy Tools
Go to job

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