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Targh Chapter 7 DP 2: General plan of action
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Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:49 am    Post subject: Targh Chapter 7 DP 2: General plan of action  

Decision point 2 : What is the general plan of action.

Targh has access to a ship, doesn't know where Mart is, and has the Overseer hostage.

What is his plan?

- Head back to the Spacestation where he last saw Mart?

This would allow activities like seeing if there's any logs of Mart leaving, along with which way he went. It would also give Targh access to the market where he could buy additions to the new Harbringer he's stolen, or try to simply sell it for a considerable amount and get back in his small Punisher from before. There's also a chance the 'Boss' is still around, and can be found/questioned.

- Head to the contracter?

Despite his lies to the Overseer, Targh does know who gave him the original contract and where they are based. He could head there to tell them about the Overseer, and the problems in general with transporting narcotics.

- Head to the contract drop off point via the planned route?

If you follow the planned transport route, perhaps God would smile on you and you will discover Mart still on-route.

- Head to the contract drop off point by the most direct route?

Mart could already be there, and possibly in trouble, get to the drop off point as fast as possible, you can always back track along the route once there if Mart hasn't yet arrived.

- Head back to the house?

Allows Targh to persue such options as looking for other things to loot, talking to the slaves, maybe encouraging them to escape. Looking for the Galente slave. Maybe finding some documents/computer files that explain how the Overseer knows so much, or other such information that might be useful.

All options come with risks - which you'll have to foresee yourself when making the decision.

Happy Voting :)
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