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Fables. What are they? Read this.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 5:29 pm    Post subject: Fables. What are they? Read this. Reply with quote

An announcement from the Mayor of IF, Key, posted on October 17th 2005:

(Updated December 2009)

Fair Citizens,

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the "fable," henceforth our City of IF currency. Thanks very much to Jnmrcs, who built the mint and stamped out the first coins, and who has been rewarded for his efforts by a grant of the very first fables.

After some experimentation and much debate, the basic rules for Fable earning are:

-You only earn fables in the Storygame forums. That includes any forum with a picture next to it on the main page, and the three main Storygame forums, but not any others.

- New chapters earn 1 + .01 fables per characters, and replies are 5 + .01 fables per character. (Up to a maximum of 75 per post).

- For each person who replies to your post, you earn 3 additional fables. You can only earn fables from at most 40 posts in a 24-hour period.

- Fables will be lost if the post is deleted.

- Words that are �Quoted� don�t count.

Other rules

You may not "spam," i.e. post or reply for no reason other than to gain fables.
Posting spam text in order to get fables is strictly prohibited. This includes posting meaningless text (especially if it's invisible and/or tiny), changing quotes to be in italics instead of within quote marks, or any other way to cheat the system and gain fables without actually making a proportional contribution.

Violators will be severely dealt with.

How many Fables do I have?
The amount of Fables someone has appears under their avatar. However these can only be seen in the forums where you can earn Fables by posting. Hence, for example, in this forum you will not be able to see your fable count.
If you can�t see in under the avatar on the left, you can view how many fables someone has or give fables to them via their profile.

How do I trade, where, and what can I trade?
You can make whatever deals you want with other site members to give or receive fables, and you can use this forum to do that.

To transfer Fables to another person, click on their name somewhere to get to their profile and press the DONATE button.

What can I buy?
Anything that anyone can think of! However there are certain �special� offers from our esteemed King that can be had:

- You may now purchase your own custom rank (e.g. instead of Builder, City Council Member, etc. you choose what to be called). The price is 5,000 fables. Ranks are subject to approval (e.g. nobody can be "God" )

- Periodically IFgear is auctioned for Fables. Watch out for announcements in the City Auditorium.


Just to summarize, here are all the ways you can earn fables in the City:

- Starting a new storygame: 1 fable + .01 fables per character
- Replying to a storygame: 5 fables + .01 fables per character
- Getting a reply to your storygame: 3 fables
- Catching and thwacking Bob the Apedog: 3 fables per thwack
- Winning competitions in the Writer's Arena
- Writing a PHP mod: 1000 fables
- Finishing a storygame that's not in its own forum: 100 fables
- Finishing a storygame that's in its own forum: 1000 fables
- Starting a business: whatever people will pay

And here are some of the ways you can spend fables:

- Visiting Zogby the Fortune Teller: 10 fables a fortune (a bargain at today's rates)
- Gambling at our Casino: however much you can afford to lose
- Buying more games per 24 hours in the Land of Odd: (Minimum exchange amount - 100 fables)
- Patronizing a business: whatever you're willing to pay
- Renting space for your business: to be negotiated with the Mayor
- Buying a separate forum for your storygame: to be priced by auction, if and when another goes up for sale
- Buying a user group to be used for mass PMs (1000 fables)
- Customizing permissions for your own Storygame forum: to be negotiated with the Mayor
- Buying your own rank: (5,000 fables)

As always, comments are welcome. These rules may change again as we continue to figure out what works best.

That's all. As Smee would say, happy fabling...
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