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Ded, Dead, Deady, DMW, Pain-in-the-ass, Didi walkabelle



Date Joined:

May 24, 2006


Currently in Progress:


On Hiatus

  • Fury Within,
  • Bureau of Paranormal Detection and Response
  • Demon World
  • The Hunt


  • Sky Island


DeadManWalking is one of the semi-older members, joining soon after the switch to the new City. He wandered through the City for several months, concentrating on the Games forum, starting a couple of games that soon died, and joining many others. He also started a storygame that never got past the second installment. However, he soon left the City without alerting anyone of his leave-taking, to the delight of some (who will soon be hunted down and beaten into submission with a twenty-foot lobster).

DMW came back after a couple years, starting immediately with his new storygame, the Bureau of Paranormal Detection and Response, a thrilling tale about… something. Go read it and find out.

DMW has resumed his place in if as if he had never left, except for the fact that he only knows about half the people here. He is reputed to be very sad about this, although he hides it behind a façade of annoyingness.

Recently, he has been seen with a beaver who follows him around. This beaver introduces himself, “B. A. Frayd. Beaver E. A. Frayd.” No one knows his full name, and if he tells you, he’d have to kill you. No, seriously, he’s also a psychopathic axe-wielding maniac.

Besides all this, DeadManWalking is a completely perfect individual. He is wise beyond his meager years, as well as intelligent, and brave, as well as handsome and admired. He is also very humble. It is rumored that he has been given the official title of Lorekeeper and given godlike powers over the IFki, which he may or may not abuse. The only person who is more godlike and perfect than him is sir wax, our current mayor (who may have possibly been the one to grant Dead with his status, and supposedly reserves the right to withdraw his support at any time (but of course that’s not a factor in his perfection.))