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Nicknames: Wax, Waxie, Mayoral Waxness*, Mayoral Sirness*, Siroral Mayorness*

Species: Human.

Date Joined: March 3, 2008

Storygames Currently in Progress: None as of yet.

Storygames Completed: None yet.

The fifth mayor (or the sixth, if you count Chinaren as both the third and fourth mayor) of IF. He is dedicated and wise, as well as intelligent and caring. He is also brave, strong, handsome, and diligent. I could go on. (Did I mention that he appoints jobs to people? Because that has no impact on his perfection at all. None. So stop thinking it.)

Sir Waxalot, as he has revealed as his full name, skated into our noble City one day on his roller blades in March of 2008. Despite his ridiculous mustache, he quickly rose to power to become the Mayor of IF, in May of that same year. He has quickly skated his way up the ranks, winning by a landslide over Lilith and lordofthenight. (However, it should be noted that he barely made it into the second round of voting, tying with Lordy with Lilith slightly ahead.)

In an exclusive interview with Sir Wax, this errant knight says that he “crossed many lands before arriving at the sign post of IF”. He once had a helmet, back in his dragon-slaying days, but has tossed it away now. He says that he has accepted the banner of peace, and practices nonviolence to all things. “This pencil is my sword now,” he says. (Rumors that our new mayor now uses his pencil to stab innocent civilians are as yet unsubstantiated.)

Despite his rumored prowess with the pencil, Sir Wax is constantly followed by his Mayoral Bodyguard, a small bunny given to him as a present by Happily Angry at his Inauguration Celebration. This bunny is rumored to be skilled with both katanas and missile launchers. The sex of the bunny is as yet undetermined.

There are many rumors about our new mayor, no doubt spread by conscientious citizens who wish only for the truth. Many of these rumors seem to revolve around our mayor’s flirting with the various womenfolk of IF, and thus have been deemed inappropriate for repetition here. (There was, however, an interesting rumor of some flirting with Kalanna Rai. (On completely unrelated note, Sir Wax is the first mayor of IF to spend his first few weeks as reigning power of IF at the burns unit.)) There have also been rumors of a certain alcoholic fairy as the new “Mayoral Pet.”

As of the November 08 elections, Sir Wax has been replaced as mayor by our beloved NeverNeverGirl. Many give thanks that the reign of the tyrant has at last ceas-AUGH!!!!! MY EYE!!!!!!! WHO THE #@$(*!@ THREW A PENCIL AT MY- hrrghech

  • No longer valid as of the November 08 elections