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Welcome, Anonymous. Create your own adventure by finding your way through the story.
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The Storyteller's Dilemma (Complete)


This is a story about the Storytellerís Dilemma and how one womanís answer to it would directly affect her fate.

Bridget told stories in a poor village within a rich kingdom. She was the poorest of all the villagers, but also the most beloved because her stories helped people get by in those dark ages. But, as much as the villagers loved her stories, she thought no one else would ever notice her. Then one day, she was summoned by the King himself.

Refusal was not an option and Bridget was excited to meet the King, so she traveled to the palace as soon as she could. His majesty told Bridget that he had heard of her stories and he needed her talents. His majestyís son, Prince Harold, was restless and unruly and needed someone to entertain him. Without a word from Bridget, he commanded her to be Prince Haroldís storyteller and warned her that if she failed to be entertaining he would be very disappointed. She did not know exactly what that would mean, but it made her very nervous.

Prince Harold played roughly in his nursery, running around making messes and breaking his toys. He did not stop or say anything to Bridget as she sat down to think about how the story would begin. She knew the story she would tell, but that there was more than one way to tell a story. Who would Prince Harold like most in the story? She would just have to guess.

The Evil Dragon
The Beautiful Princess
A Brave Knight

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