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CityofIF.com offers its users free online adventure role playing games (RPGs) based on interactive stories that put you in the middle of the action. Our free online adventure games are based on multiple genres, such as Greek mythology, science fiction, horror, humor, fantasy, and much more.

If you're looking for something different than the traditional free RPG games and the shortcomings involved with running a group-based pen-and-paper role playing game, we offer an alternative. Through our interactive forum software, we offer you the opportunity to participate in what we call "storygames."

Storygames are different than other types of free online RPGs. Instead of rolling dice to determine the outcome of an action, the author of each story posts a chapter up to a "decision point." Players then describe the actions they would like to take, which is then put into a poll and voted on. The outcome of each poll determines where the game goes from there. The end result is like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure gamebook, but with a group of players choosing together which path to take, and with each chapter being written as the game is played.

You can play in our interactive stories, or you can write your own and have others play in yours.

Our site offers several different types of ongoing storygames. These online RPG games can span multiple chapters, and some of our online role play games can go over a dozen chapters. With our wide selection of genres and styles, players can take nearly any role they desire, from Roman and Greek gods and goddesses to space fighter pilots to magical mages, and more!

Our free online adventure games, based on stories you create, are unlike anything else you'll find either online or off. Take a look around at our online role play games, our information on Greek mythology, and our forums for a sampling of what we offer. Once you see how our storygames system works, we're sure you'll come back for a fun alternative to traditional free online RPGs.

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