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Casting Call
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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:38 am    Post subject: Casting Call  

Casting Call

Would you like to see one of your characters featured in competition in the Battle to the End? Here is your chance!

Gorin, Yahoo and Jakeen are presently in the midst of their second battles. Their first opponents’ bios are listed below. There are still contests yet to come before reaching the final battles. If you want to submit a character profile to face off in the arena in the Battle to the End, post their information here.

Beginning with the third contest, players citywide can become more involved in the BttE. From the opponents listed here, an open poll will allow all registered IFians to determine whom Gorin, Yahoo and Jakeen will face next in the arena. From that point the respective teams must strategize with the authors to win against their foe.

If you haven’t already joined a team, and are interested in role playing one of the BttE characters, it is not too late to join! Review each of the main characters and choose from Gorin, Yahoo or Jakeen, joining the team by either PMing the author or posting a request to join on the respective thread in this forum. The stories interlock, and the battles are just beginning.

Format for submitting an opponent bio:


Information on the races and acceptable magic is located here. Please make sure that your characters fit within one of the race descriptions, and conform to the magic system outlined for the BttE.

You can find some pictures here that may either give you inspiration or match your character. :)
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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:40 am    Post subject:  

First Opponents:

Name: Gregoh *eliminated*
Race/Gender: human male

Region: unknown
Appearance: A large bull of a man, taking pride in being able to hurt with or without magic. His skill with magic was the same as him - hard hitting but usually effective. Thankfully he was a law abiding citizen and kept this reputation strictly to tournaments only. Outside of competitions he was gruff but friendly enough.

He wore full combat robes not too different from most mages. Dark purple in colour, with silver links, making him seem large and ominous.
Abilities: Smash and kill. Without warning his arms thrust forward, and his left foot stamps hard on the earth, the foot finishing with only the toe touching the dusty ground. A huge angry ball of tumbling flame swoops down on his opponent. Another attack releases great force. A concussion ripples out from him in an expanding circle, smashing and disintegrating whatever lies in its path.
*created by Smee

Name: Harold Farlee *eliminated*
Race/Gender: human male
Image: none
Region: unknown
Appearance: Dressed in a long tunic, not befitting his bulging stomach. His face was dirty, but he had managed to shave to maintain in a good appearance throughout the competition. He had a rugged composition, but a certain imbalance of character. A pudgy, aggressive man, it seemed.
Abilities: A conjurer…tries direct attacks such as the conjuring and hurling or knives or the materializing of beakers of acid above his opponents.
*created by D-Lotus

Name: Sheva *eliminated*
Race/Gender: Elvin female

Region: Hails from the forest elves located in the woods east of Vlusos
Appearance: Her green hair tucked neatly behind delicate pointy ears, piercing amber eyes. A knotted, puckered scar wound its way from her shoulder and across her chest, imparting the impression of a gnarled dark green vine clinging to the pale skin of her left breast. The form-fitting bodice of her apparel pushed her bosom higher, serving to emphasize the badge of brutality, and completely amplifying the intended effect of terror.
Abilities: Earth magic, relying on line of site to target her opponent and subdue them with forcefully hurled compacted bullets of stone.
*created by ethereal_fauna

Name: Drug *eliminated*
Race/Gender: human male
Image: none
Region: unknown
Appearance: A twisted, bony man, wringing his hands and grinning horrendously. He was bald and had big shocking green eyes. He was dressed plainly, and he looked like an acolyte of a mad scientist
Abilities: A strategist, his shield can return an opponent’s attack back at the caster. Hurls energy balls and absorbs force attacks. Set complex traps to subdue and defeat his opponent.
*created by D-Lotus

Name: Bevorum *eliminated*
Race/Gender: human female

Region: unknown
Appearance: A diffident human mage. Her pale skin bore several garish scars. Carries a cloudy orb secured atop a staff clutched in her left hand.
Abilities: Shadow mage. She casts her dark magic, which then enters the psyche of her opponent and generates incarnations of their fears. A little magic results in little fears (like spiders or bugs) and as the magic finds a foothold larger and more concrete fears form, like larger animals along with the sights and smells from a childhood memory. Each incarnation drains her of more magic.
*created by OmegaTerra

Name: Mical *eliminated*
Race/Gender: human male
Image: none
Region: unknown
Appearance: He was tall, thin, and very unassuming. His robes were a fashionable green, good quality but not ostentatious. His eyes were looking around the crowd, a large grin on his face as he soaked up the atmosphere.
Abilities: Mical can transform other's magic, rendering the spell harmless. Specializing in beasts, it remains a mystery whether the animals are illusions, conjurings, or incarnations of the mage.
*created by Smee
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Shady Stoat

Joined: 02 Oct 2005
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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 8:14 am    Post subject:  

OK, here's 3. Sorry there's no pics.

Name: Charras (pronounced Kah-raz) *against Jakeen-Round 3*
Race/Gender: Human Male
Image: None found
Region: One of the desert tribes, especially good with elemental types of magic
Appearance: Almost skeletally thin and tall, black skin, dark hair and startling blue eyes. He wears dark billowing robes with red and silver trim.
Abilities: A warrior mage, capable both of physical prowess in combat (a desert-trained form of martial arts) and manipulating electricity with his magic. He can strike with lightning bolts, hold electricity in his hands without doing damage to himself or send a current running through surfaces. More is not known.

Name: Aldran the Mystic (he’s added the last part of the title himself)
Race: Human (although he’s often mistaken for a dwarf because he’s so short)
Image: None found
Region: He’s a local Mage, although he travels a lot.
Appearance: Clean-shaven, slightly balding, with reddish hair. Just over 4feet tall (Short and a bit on the round side). He wears slightly faded and wrinkled robes of yellow and a cap in the same colour
Abilities: His primary method of attack seems to be to release dozens of small, glowing energy balls. Each orb makes a low pulsing noise as it glows with different colours. They seem to distract, almost hypnotize their opponents as they fly around the arena. The competitors seem to lose willpower, forgetting their own magical survival tricks, sometimes even forgetting why they are in the arena in the first place. In short, they become vulnerable to much simpler forms of magical attack whilst distracted.

Name: Sleen *against Gorin-Round 3*
Race: Sea Elf (the race from which the legends of Mermaids have stemmed, although the sea elves are not water-dwelling themselves)
Image: Not found
Region: The Southern Shores
Appearance: Blue skinned, with pure white hair and grey-green eyes. Shorter than normal elves, but slender. She wears very little. In their own habitat, the elves run naked, but for sake of propriety, they wear swirls of cloth to cover the flesh that custom demands they cover, while in the city.
Abilities: Almost nothing is known of the abilities of this mage. In both rounds 1 & 2, the moment the contest was declared to begin, the arena was plunged into complete and utter blackness. When, less than a minute later, the spell was cancelled, Sleen’s opponent was unconscious in the sand. Her methods are a mystery, but maybe one that is fathomable…
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Solomon Birch

Joined: 22 Nov 2005
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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:51 pm    Post subject:  

Ok, I'm gonna submit one anyway! *grins*

Name: Iscariot Ren *eliminated*

Race/Gender: Human (Tough Northern Sea-faring group who are mostly fishermen, traders or pirates)


Region: The Northern Islands

Appearance: A grim countenance masks the pain he feels, and he bears a permenant scowl on his once handsome features. He is a tall, relatively thin man with darker skin, tanned from many months at sea. He is covered in a long surcoat and cloak that keep him warm out on the sea, and high boots that are durable and practical. He wears a patch over his left eye, to cover the gaping hole left by the sea-snake warrior that plucked the eye from him. He always carries his scimitar across his back, always ready to draw it.

Abilities: A life on the seas has forced him to develop his water magic skills, which were the most advantageous when out on the high-sea. They let him supress waves, drive wind in what-ever direction he pleased and to use the very ocean as a weapon against any would-be attackers. But he has had to adapt his powers in order to function properly in an arena with no abundant sources immediately available. He now focuses on hardy water shields which he then advances under to attack his opponen with his trusty blade and devastating close range blasts of water.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2005
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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 5:56 am    Post subject:  

Name: Milton the Mad Minister *eliminated*
Race: Mostly human.
Region: Where you least expect him to be.
Appearance: Look at the bloody picture dammit.
Abilities: A strange combination of Necromancing powers, illusion spells and the occasional use of throwing knives if all else fails.
Notes: Is totally insane and will often act in an irrational manner.
Keeps a chicken sandwich under his hat.
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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 7:25 am    Post subject:  

Name: Saota *against Yahoo- Round 3*
Race/Gender: Elvin female

Region: unknown
Appearance: Lithe and charming, she relies on a pretty appearance to deceive her opponent. Long, light hair sways in a perpetual breeze, and her mannerisms and posturing conceal a clever mind behind a façade of flippancy. Tending to attire her slender form in flattering and overtly feminine garments.
Abilities: Excels at air and wind magics, she traces runes in the air with a short wand. She attempts to keep her opponent distracted with showy details, mostly centered on her own charms. If that fails, she switches to ineffective, petty whirlwinds to divert attention. Her aim is to keep her opponent unfocused, minimizing the effectiveness of their attacks and slowly depleting them of magical energies, before unleashing strong wind-based assaults to assure her victory.
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Joined: 18 May 2004
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Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:30 pm    Post subject:  

Name: Rilian *eliminated*
Race/Gender: female human
Region: unknown
Appearance: short, lithe blonde, looks almost like a child, with pale skin, and deceivingly big blue eyes. Tends to wear dresses in soft, pale colors, with an ostentatious belt to compensate for short height.
Abilities: A copycat mage, Rilian uses the abilities of past and present opponents. She likes to use simple illusionary skills for show, and as a last resort, throws a few well-aimed throwing stars. Many a competitor has met deathwith these piercing metal weapons thrown by Rilian's small figure.
Image: none.

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Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:39 am    Post subject:  

I've been promising this for nearly a week now so here we go (I'll probably do a couple for you.)


Name: Vandaria

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: ?

Age: looks 18 but difficult to tell

Region: Currently a ruined keep on the Sorrow Sea marshes.

Appearance: Appears as a diminutive but very pretty girl in her late teens. Long ebony hair falls to her knees, her eyes are slate gray, she is also so pale she looks transparent. Usually see wearing tight fitting black leather, velvet or lace, usually with deep purple trim. She always looks slightly distracted her presence is eerie to say the least. When she speaks it is never at more than a whisper.

Backstory: Little is known about Vandaria. She was once the daughter of a noble family who tought her the ways of magic ...the family where a gentle sort and her nature is the same. One night they where murdered by a cult looking for a specific item. An amulet known as the Bane Brace. That amulet is the pendant Vandaria was wearing when she was forced to see the massacre of her parents. After that she disappeared and little if anything has been heard of her since. This was a century ago.

Recently Vandaria has re-appeared in her families home now known as the Pining Peak. Though she still has a very mortal and physical form she is little more than a spirit, somewhere in the period of time she was missing a part of her died. One half of her walks in this realm the other in the next. Those with true sixth sight will see figures walking around her like some kind of council of spectres. She always hears the voices of the dead in her mind. Now she wants to finish what began all those years ago ... she wants to learn how the amulet caused her current form and to finally go to rest. If she must complete the tournament to do this, she will.

Abilities: Vandaria was in life skilled in the arts of divination but these abilities have been twisted. Now not only can she see the future of others but also images of their deaths. This has given her the ability to manipulate fear and sorrow into magical form. It is said just her touch can chill the blood. She herself is not evil but her powers are those of the dead. In battle her spirit bodyguard may also be used as a valued weapon.


There ya go hope that helps. :D
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Idea master

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Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 6:17 pm    Post subject:  

Here's one I've been mulling over. Hope it's good enough.

Name: Venar
Race/Gender: Elf Male
Image: Minus the bird thing.
Region: Nobody knows. He's been wandering too long.
Apperance: Tall, thin, and lanky. Black hair, with green eyes. Paler than anything. Generally wears loose fitting blue clothing, with a silly blue pointed hat on top, and two sabers strapped to his back.
Abilities: He is the founder of a long-lost school of wizardry over the sea. Whenever he is attacked with an unfamliar magic, he takes full damage once. After that, he gains immediate cognition and slight immunity which grows with each repitition. There are very few ways to defeat this type of mage, one being that you have to catch him off guard with a big enough spell. He can use his swords when all else fails and close quarters is required. Since he has wandered so long, he knows many types of strange magic, the likes of which have not yet been seen. His main motivation for being in this competition is to learn new magic, and he will toy with his prey if he feels as though he has victory in his hand.

Didn't realize it would be so long!
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