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Lords and Ladies. Political Exchanges.
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Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 3:54 am    Post subject: Lords and Ladies. Political Exchanges.  

Lords and Ladies has certain IFians playing the part of rulers of most* of the other countries of the Fractured Lands.

I have set up a group PM for these rulers to make their voices heard. However, these voices have so far been hidden from the rest of the readers.

I think I am going to expand the scope of Lords and Ladies, you will see how as it develops. However, as a first step I am creating this thread.

The PMs the rulers have sent are recieved by all the other rulers.

To put these exchanges into one place will allow everyone a better insight into the political situation as it develops.

Please note a few things!

This thread is ONLY for the Set Players to announce actions or intentions to all other rulers.

Initially I will copy the mass PMs into this thread. Only the mass PMs that are sent will be copied here. Other, private, communications between individual parties will remain that way. Private.

To help with the timeline, all communications will be in order, and 'timed' based on the chapter last posted, though some of the earlier posts may be a bit vague, as I have only just thought of doing this. :?

The IFians behind the Ruling characters will not be revealed here**, though they are known to each other.

*But not all.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2005
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Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:12 am    Post subject:  

Initial greetings sent by the rulers once I set the group up. This was after chapter 5, I believe:

To the Lords and Ladies of the Land, and the title to which is due, on the behalf of the Great Tzar Rendish and the general Empire of Neil-so; Greetings.

The Great Tzar Rendish, Lord of the Great Empire, Warlord, the Bloody, the Feared, gifted with the honors of the Sword Unchecked, the Shield Unmarked, and the Skin Unscarred, and all other titles to which he is entitled; Sends Greetings to you by the mouth of the hated 57th child and worst daughter, Tzarkiniss Ulibetha, written by the hands of our most studied scribe.

Although it is without a doubt in my Father's mind that you are all inferior to the great expanse of our large and profitable trading nation, the Tzar would not have me mention this fact as the Lords of the Land control the trade by which we make our empire so profitable and doubtless in time will wish to conquer every nation to his own foolish and bloody whims so as to harvest your treasures without first paying for them.

If we have offended the Lords with our foolish thoughts, let it be known that it is but a foolish stuttering child which spoke the words of this letter and her intentions were naught but to great the Lords and Ladies of the honorable world.

Therefore, with humble reverential acknowledgment that each Lord and Lady is great than our humble selves, we send you Greetings and well wishes from our honorable and extolled Empire, and the Great beyond beholding Tzar Rendish.

Humbly spoke by the mouth of Ulibetha, 57th official child and disappointing daughter.

From the desk of Nimue Lydaris,

I humbly send my greetings fellow monarchs and wielders of power. I am but a young Karvin maid, hardly past my youth, and not much for the tedious games we politicos must play. I am, however, a merchant of secrets. I gather and sell any information that reaches my hands, sometimes to the highest bidder but more often to the most worthy wielder.

If ever you find yourself in need of a quick resolution or a bargaining chip, I am your Karven. My minions are at your disposal, for a price, and I am reasonable in my fees. I do not send my people into danger recklessly lords and ladies, this I warn you now.

It has come to my ears from certain sources that Byrold wishes to unite the Fractured Lands and I tell you now that neither I, nor any of my line, shall tolerate such a thing. Iswyle shall always remain Iswyle as long as a single Karven lives to serve the Ancients. Still, we shall see.

I look forward to meeting formally, not just spying upon you,


Greetings, Lords and Ladies, my name is Muhmmiel Gurrundi- leader of Glormp, and one of its few truly sentient beings. My race, the desert trolls, are not reputed amongst your races as being intelligent. You have often scoffed at us because of our uncivilized ways, and have valued our desert lands too lowly even for conquest.

Now, however, our times of power come. Our population increases rapidly, our cities grow steadily, our army composed of powerful trolls swells. We are resistant, strong, and swift. We are unified, and as long as Glormpians are under my reign, they will have an intelligent leader to guide them through development and conquest.

We have already destroyed one country, and now we use their resources for ourselves. We make their people teach us their technology, and we make them build large buildings for us. Soon, more will follow- our country will grow at an accelerated rate to become powerful. We will become feared despite what was previously considered stupidity. Many of you have wronged and underestimated us. But now, I offer any of you the opportunity of an alliance. Two are stronger than one, and this is especially true for a growing nation. Listen to my offer, and be wise.

Muhmmiel Garrundi.

Greetings fellow rulers, from the ancient Kingdom of Etherial.

We are by large a peaceful race who live within the expansive forest lands of our Kingdom. Whilst we rarely fight outside our borders though we generally prefer to keep to ourselves, woe betide any who enters unannounced within the pitfalls laid out within our forest lands.

We prefer peace to war, friendship to foes and so look to strike up lasting friendships with the Kingdom's around us.

May all rest well with you,

Lord Rivenel

Greetings all.

Normally I would not be sending this, but I have been advised to - and who goes against an advisor, hm?
Anyway, more to the point - if there is indeed a point to this letter - we have been recieving multitudes of letters from various countries and have decided it would be, ah...polite to reply.

As you may have noticed, we tend to keep to ourselves. I'm sure none of you have a problem with this as there was a time when no-one would walk within two miles of our boarders, and indeed even now some people abide by that old tradition. Haha.
Several of the letters have mentioned friendship. I agree that it is foolish to try to make it on your own, while at the same time too many friends can be...tiresome.
For this reason, you may well receive another letter from us in the near future proposing such an offer. If you don't, we do not mean to be enemies - far from it. Just forget about us again, and pretend this letter never came...

...I think that the pleasantries have been dealt with now. But thank-you for your time.

Yours sincerely,


Ruler of Charredal.

There are some who believe that secret masters control the world. With power greater than any king's. Their agents are spread throughout the fractured lands. They manipulate countries to their own ends, as they have since first kings took their thrones. What they call themselves is unknown, but those who believe call them The Unseen... Of course, it could be a load of horse dung, the ramblings of crazy conspiracy theorists. But perhaps there is a grain of truth to the tale. Could the Unseen truly be right under your noses, slowly changing the world to fit their plans? That could be a fearsome enemy indeed... or a powerful ally.
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Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:29 am    Post subject:  

After Chapter 7.

To all fellow ambassadors of the fractured lands,

It has come to pass that young Prince Byrold has somehow been attacked with foul magics. Some interloper has taken it upon themselves to meddle with the rightful line of royal succession. This will not be tolerated, even in the country of an ally. With this in mind, the honorable King Keldric of Gerwain calls for an Inquisition composed of the delegates present to uncover the truth and then, as justice demands, punish the guilty.

Field Marshall Locke, Ambassador of Gerwain

Announcement from Etherial's Ambassador in reponse to Gerwain's Announcement.

Clearly an inquisition into the mysterious disappearance of King Byrold should be set up at one to investigate such happenings, we will be happy to assist...if all agree to a convocation at Westill within the month such an inquisition comprised of the lands can present their findings before the convocation - allowing th appropriate action and measures to be taken.

We look forward to sorting out such a barbaric turn of events, for an assassination attempt (successful or not) post the crowning of a King is a very serious offence indeed, we are as pledged to help the people of Yroth discover the truth behind these events.

For the inquisition to be successful though we will need it to be independent of the present Queen and royalty...any interference from her to disrupt the inquisition should be taken as indication of her guilt. Should that happen and she heed not our warning I feel we should all take steps together (including fighting) to displace her from the throne for high treason. This shouldn't happen though if we make the position clear to her...not even she will be able to fight so many nations with any success and she is clever enough to know it.

All those in favor of 1) being a part of such an inquisition and 2) Meeting together within a month at Westill to discuss this and other affairs such as the developing threat of the Centric regarding the Fractured Lands please repond so we know who are standing as one as a strong body during these troubling times.

Chief Ambassador of Etherial


In response to the proposition of finding the true king, I am half in and half out.

To tell the truth, I am not overly bothered who rules Yroth, just what they are going to do with that new power. I do not care about justice either. If Byrold did not have enough security to stop himself from being attacked - and subsequently losing, then that was his own fault.

From that it sounds as if I would prefer Eldra. I don't.
I would like Byrold to rule, and so if I should find him in my land or find him at all, then I will do my best to help him back onto the throne. I will not actively search though.

Two of my representatives will attend the meeting as they will be in the area at that time.

In short - I am taking the lazy approach to the search, and although you have my approval, you do not have my full support.

Lord of Charredel

Fellow Rulers.

The People’s Council lament the loss of the rightful King of the land. However, the Glorious Lands of Vestrel recognize Lady Eldra as a legitimate ruler of Yroth and extend their hands in friendship.

The People’s representatives seek to distance itself from such talk of inquests and inquiries, and reminds all fellow countries that interference with internal matters should be avoided wherever possible.

The People.

The Mage Council of Mordon lament the attack within Uskk. However, we urge restraint. Mordon has been a long ally of Yroth, and still has binding agreements.

Our mages have extended every assistance to Yroth, and continue to do so.
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Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:07 am    Post subject:  

To Assembled Rulers,

I have sent my people to search diligently for the lost King though I respectfully decline direct involvment with an inquisition of any kind. I am more than willing to attend a gathering of nations and should arguments of merit be presented, I will lend my aid to that cause.

Until then I shall bide.

Nimue Lydaris,
Shadow Queen of Iswyle
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