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A Glass Friendship: Chapter 7
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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 3:47 pm    Post subject: A Glass Friendship: Chapter 7  

A Glass Friendship

Chapter VII

But alas, the heart may deceive the mind, but the mind cannot deceive the heart, and both will never alter the truth.

For truth is hideous and unalterable to some.

Frederick was in thought. Never mind that James was trying to talk to him. He was thinking of what he will do, what he had already done. He was also thinking of the rather disturbing looks his men had been giving him lately. Every time he was speaking to Jimmy, they just stared at him.

Initially his conversations with James had involved him speaking very little, and Jimmy apologizing and thanking him profusely, but lately the conversations had become normal, less interesting, less gratifying, and this seemed to disturb the men the most.

As of right now, he was droning on about something. Freddy wasn't really listening, but occasionally nodded like a good audience should, even throwing a "yes" in there sometimes for good measure. His mind was busy with what had happened in the cathedral a month ago.

He was brought out of his revelry by a change in the tone of Jimmy's voice. He was asking something.

"Isn't it horrible about Dalen's death?"

"What, oh yes, horrible, so horrible. Luckily he didn't have a wife or kids, and his parents died long ago."

"How tragic," said Jimmy, his voice tinged with real regret, "to never have a family."

What a monster, feigning concern for someone he never even knew, thought Freddy in his malice.

Dalen had apparently come out of the blue, and had been killed out of the blue. No one had even really noticed him until he did die, but Freddy remembered speaking to him once, he thought. On leaving the Notre Dame after the incident, some late comers to the mob had come in an excited state. Unfortunately, they were to drunk to realize the mob had gone home and opened fire. Dalen was the only one shot, as the trio was immediately detained by the citizens leaving the real mob. His funeral had been short, and the coffin was being sent back to England now, with Lord Frederick Richardson’s greatest sympathy, of course.

At the port of Le Have, a coffin was arriving. It was plain and wooden, with barely any adornment. An unimportant name was written on the papers, but it was sent with the condolences of some British lord and was to be sent to Britain immediately, first class, to an address very much near London.

The porter sighed, “That’s the sixth one this week. I just pray for the day that these times are past us.” He then turned jokingly to his partner, “Maybe we should stick ourselves in this wooden box and go to Britain ourselves. Think, lovely British women!”

His partner smiled, “No thank you, too bony for my taste. Give me something more exotic, like one of those women from the East who you see sometimes; those ones from Japan and China.”

The porter shrugged, “Have it your way. Let’s load this thing.”

The coffin and body were soon alone on the ship.

The day had come. It was the fruition of all of Frederick’s plans. It was time to fight. A mob had arrived early this morning, eager for the blood of all the Englishmen in the camp. They were now surrounded. Fighting was unavoidable. But Frederick had one advantage that no one knew about. He had paid the mob enough in secret to guarantee that he was the “sole survivor of a tragic massacre.”

There was just one question now. Kill Freddy himself, and have to go into hiding for murder? Or just let the mobs kill him and not have to worry about consequences, but not be able to do the deed himself?

O Fortuna! O twisted fate! Why do you always favor the evil in heart? But one rule is known above all to our universe at least:

Darkness bred in darkness gives forth darkness!
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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject:  

here's the new chappy!
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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 4:00 pm    Post subject:  

This is the first time I've looked in on this one, and I've read the most recent chapter first, so I can't give a coherent comment on the DP yet. I hope I'm not too late!

I like!

*runs off hastily to catch up on earlier chapters* :)
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