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Chinaren Inc. Service Center. Enter and Spend!
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Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:36 pm    Post subject: Chinaren Inc. Service Center. Enter and Spend!  

The Original and Best!

Just recently, there has been a resurgence of activity* in the Marketplace. Hence Chinaren Inc. has decided to remind you loyal citizens about some of its various services. Simply click on the relevant picture or link below to be taken to one of the many Chinaren outlets in IF!


Do you need an ad? Come to our one-stop shop, where your advertising needs will be fawned over, pampered and finally delivered in a fanfare of wonder!

Is your StoryGame flagging? Run out of steam? Can't get the next chapter out? Simply stuck?

Well Chinaren Inc. Write A Chapter Service is the answer!

For a reasonable fee, Chinaren, one of IF's top writers, will write a chapter for you! It's as simple as clicking on the icon on the left! Do it, do it now!


Need a new Avatar? Chinaren Inc. is a leading supplier of Avs, with many a satisfied customer. Choose from our stock, or specify a requirement! It's all good with Chinaren Avs!

Chinaren Inc. often performs selfless acts of service for the Good of IF and all IFians.
Someone given you a great review recently? Given you a fantastic idea? Get them a Chinaren Hall award as a gesture of thanks!

Bank of Chinaren: Short on Fables? Need a few to get that Title Change you have been lusting after? Look no further! BoCr offers** competitive rates!

Wrath! Fancy getting into one of the Top Stories? How would you like to see someone else get what's coming to them? Simply place a bid in the Wrath Auction house, and watch your bids unfold!

Chinaren's SGame Screening Service! Want to get your SGame promoted? come to Chinaren Inc. SSS! You know it makes sense.

Chinaren Inc. is IFs oldest and most Noble corporation!
Remember: It's ALL good with Chinaren Inc.

*Chinaren Inc. welcomes competition, and no matter what people say, any large men with clubs that come round and burn down your shop are not affiliated with us.
**Offer subject to status.
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       Storygames Home -> The Market Bizarre
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