BS the Great

From IFki

BS the Great started out as a wonderful man, just like any other normal, regular person. After a while, he became extremly controversial and given to fits of insults and incoherent rage. He apologized for one outburst, but then fled the City after another, leading to the widely-reported story that he had been exiled. One rumor has it that after his departure, he went to the City of OF to visit friends, family, and psychiatric help clinics. According to another, he left for the faraway City of EF, and enrolled in its University.

Later, he attempted to infiltrate the City in disguise, but he was quickly unmasked by the City Council. Recent rumours have circulated that he is planning some dastardly revenge upon the city. (Source:Chinaren Securities Intelligence division)

Breaking News :

These rumours could be confirmed with his most recent reappearence back in IF in March 2006. Could this be a new, calmer BS which we can all enjoy? Or merely a repeat of old history?

Only time will tell.

Interview with a Victim:

Chinaren: What was it that happened?

D: Well, it all began when BS started insulting Fauna's story...then I said he should be more respectful...and...and...*sobs*

Chinaren: C'mon, you can do it.

D: It all happened one night. Key, Smee and Muaddib came and talked to him in the chat..then he was gone. I..I...*crying* It was horrible!

Chinaren; Thank you, D. That will be all. We'll continue the interview on another date.

More News:

Late 2006 and early 2007 have been confirmed as the dates of BS' latest return. He appears appeased and has finally incorporated himself into IF society. His behavior is being watched, but there seems not to be much need, as everything appears normal. In fact, this report dares to conclude a normal BS has returned, free from anxiety.

The rise of BS was confirmed, when he was appointed Co-Mod of the new Critique Corner, with Crunchy Frog, elevating him to the status of Councilor.