Chinaren Inc.

From IFki

A sprawling complex of shady corporations owned by Chinaren.

More well known subsiduaries include: CBC (Chinaren Broadcasting Corporation) with various channels, Bank of Chinaren which has one customer (D-Lotus) who only recently paid his load back fully, Chinaren Enterprises which runs the Arena of Death amongst other things, ChinAD agency, for all your advertising needs and various other shops in the market place.

Less well known, but still heard of are: Chinaren Labs, which is responsible for a variety of devices, including Clone machines and the IF EVIL SpaceShip (IESS Fable) used to travel to Red Dot, and Chinaren Securities, which runs a variety of public and covert operations throughout the city and beyond.

Still more divisions are rumoured to exist, but few know more details. Some citizens who are bitter about the election results claim that Chinaren used his economic and incorporate power to win the elections, but as we should all know, that is completely false.

Source:Chinaren Public relations department. A division of CBC.