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Coining the Phrase

F5ing a statement refers to one poster in short agreeing with what was said by another. Many times during the discussion phase of a storygame chapter, the readers/players find that they wholly concur with the statement another poster has already made. Rather than typing up the same idea in different words, the new posters simply submit that they F5 what so-in-so said.

This concept actually originated during the course of game play. On an average day in the City of IF, in a new storygame in the Fantasy Forest, the now common IFian phrase was inspired. Chinaren found that he so often agreed with the comments made by Shady Stoat that he felt that a shortcut was in order. Later that same day in Skiffiville, he implemented the concept and coined a phrase. The actual comments appear below.


Chinaren Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 5:42 am Post subject: Weee!

"Good opening chapter! Depraivity (sic), torture and cold blooded murder! Excellent.

I agree with Stoat (I am going to get that sentence assigned to a bloody function key I seem to be saying it so much)

Does she have any loyalist friends? Maybe someone with influence? Is there an 'underground' movement?

I also notice you put yourself in the lead role, a cunning move if I ever saw one. You can also 'star' in my Good vs Evil vs Money thread*! Unless this is a true story and you are writing your memoirs?!!

Looking forward to episode 2!"

Chinaren Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 5:57 am Post subject: (none)

"<presses function key5> I agree with Stoat.

Yes, good start! An initial 'prologue' or 'introduction' is acceptable I would say, before venturing forth to the meat of the tale.

Tally ho!"

Chinaren Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:32 pm Post subject: (none)

"Good chapter, I voted and... <presses function key5> I agree with StoatI agree with StoatI agree with StoatI agree with Stoat <arg! Desperately tries to un-jam the F5 key...>"