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2005 IFys

Hosted by D-Lotus and saxon215

The 2005 Award's Night proved a memorable event. The proud winners of the first IFys are:

All round best: Bushido by D-Lotus and Thorns and Steel by Reiso and Emperor

Best plot: The Inheritance by Mordok

Best character: Dirk, Thorns and Steel by Reiso and Emperor

Best description/detail: Finite Cosmos by ethereal_fauna

Best style/most original: Pirates, Vampires, and Ninjas Oh My by Random

Best interaction: The As and Bs of Crimefighting by Araex

2006 IFys

Hosted by D-Lotus

Best Description/Detail : The Carver's Blossoms- by Ethereal Fauna

Best Style/Most Original : Dear Dotty- by The Powers That Be

Best Plot : The Time Before- by Smee

Best Decision Points : The Time Before-by Smee

Best Character : Larson (Larson, Bounty Hunter)- by Jack D.Mented

Best Supporting Character : God (Eve of Destruction) by Lebrenth

Best Co-Written SG : Battle to the End

All Round Best : Good vs Evil vs Money by Chinaren

2007 IFys

Hosted by Crunchyfrog and NeverNeverGirl

Best Character: - Smur, from "Avarice" by Chinaren

Best Supporting Character: Kagemusho, from "A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi" by lordofthenight

Best Antagonist: LordoftheNight, from "Wrath" by Chinaren Best New Storygame/Linear: "The Dark" by The Dark

Best Non-SGOTM: "My Psychosis" by Mephistopheles

Best Plot: "The Magician's Touch" by Crunchyfrog

Best Fight: Chapter Seventeen of "A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi" by lordofthenight Best Critic: Z

Best SG Player: Z

Best Linear: "Nightrobber" by Dragonfire_372

Best Fantasy: "Confession Box" by D-Lotus

Best HEM: "Barry the Normal" by NeverNevergirl

Best Skiffy: "The Magician's Touch" by Crunchyfrog

Golden IFY: "Barry the Normal" by NeverNevergirl

Tech Head of the Year: Key

Most Involving SG:" Superhuman" by Z

Most Ruthless: Lebrenth, for "Critics from Hell"

Warcrack Award for Best Comeback: Smee

No. 59 Bus Award for longest waits between chapters: "A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi" by lordofthenight

Shameless Advertiser Award: Chinaren

2009 IFYs

Hosted by Alegria and Crunchyfrog

Best Storygame - The Magician's Touch, by Crunchyfrog

Best Non-SGOTM Storygame - Justice Has Eyes, by HalfEmptyHero

Best Plot - American Vampire by Kalanna Rai

Best Style/Most Original - The Priest, by Alegria

Best Description/Detail - The Magician's Touch by Crunchyfrog

Best Character - Bram Ota from Fraternity of Bastards, by Jack_D.Mented

Best Supporting Character - Pinkie from Grim Reaping by Ashkent

Best Decision Point - Chapter 4 from Journey's Witness by Traveller

Best Critic - Crunchyfrog

All IFY awards are hosted in the City Auditorium. Many of the winning storygames are complete and readers may enjoy them in the Hall of Legends.