Idearium mines

From IFki

The Idearium Mines are run by the Idea Master (Also called IM for short). He keeps a strict watch on his workers, and anybody failing to meet their required 170 hours per week gets pay deducted from their check.

After the mines were discovered, IM started as a simple man working with one pickaxe and a stall. The need soon grew, however, and IM was employing watchmen, more workers than he could keep an eye on, and barbed wire fences.

He had sometimes hoped to be referred to as the second Chinaren of the city, but his dedication to the provision of quality idearium has left him with little time to earn the "fatback" (see fables) required.

He recently lead on expedition to the center of the City of IF to find the source of the Idearium. Not much was discovered. At least, not much that was released to the general public.

This press release has been approved by IM, Inc.