Mystery of the Missing Citizens

From IFki

Hello. I'm tramp in a storm. I'm here to explain a bit about The Missing Citizens. They were, we believe, normal everyday people visiting the Lands of Tinternet. When they came by our city I do believe they realised that it was not for them. However they decided to enter the city by registering, this leading to the evergrowing list of City of IF Members. They entered the City without knowing anything about 'The Silence'. This monster captures anyone who stays silent for too long, some get released, some don't. I have always wondered what hapens to the ones who don't get released, until recently when Chinaren and Muaddib found the missing souls. The 'Silence' had eaten their bodies and sold their souls that are now kept in the Idearium Mines. However some souls may have had a diferent, so far unknown fate. It is a known fact that 'The Silence' uses evil ploys, such as attracting attention through false internet ads that say the site is of ROL.

Upon assuming his office in the Fall of 2006, Mayor chinaren discovered that many of the Missing Citizens were actually soulless automatons recruited for nefarious advertising purposes. Using a tool prepared by King Key, chinaren then performed a Mass Exorcism that banished the missing souls from the City, reducing the City's population to a more manageable and realistic 416.

Regular exorcisms performed since then have continued to cleanse the City of dead and soulless citizens. A census undertaken in summer of 2007 indicates a city population of 191.