New Storygames

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The New Storygames forum is a section of the city where the citizens of IF tell each other their ideas for their stories.

This area was changed and expanded in the great upheaval. Included was the New Storygame area, where most citizens have to post their SGames before they are approved by the Head Eaters and the story is moved to the main areas.

This was initially unpopular, as getting a story promoted was at first difficult and costly. The Head Eaters process was also complicated and time consuming.

It was with great joy then that Mayor Chinaren, in his great wisdom, finally simplified the whole lot, making the process a pro-active one, and introducing other changes that would increase the number of recognized authors who would be able to post directly into the main forums.

Since these changes were introduced, the whole thing has been far slicker, and the concept now works well.

S-12 News.

Currently no longer in existence, as it was decided that traffic down this avenue, and indeed the great city of IF as a whole, was too low to warrant this preliminary area. Thus, new storygames were allowed straight into their respective genre areas. There have been mutterings on the streets about restoring this area, but nothing yet has been done, though mayors, both current and ex, have expressed approval for the idea once traffic warrants it.