Quantum IFex

From IFki

Quantum IFex, short for Quantum IF exploration, is a phenomenon first postulated by theoretical IFicists, and later confirmed by experimentation via Quifatron. It states that due to the essential randomness of the IFverse, that when a citizen of IF undertakes a precisely-calibrated random exploration to an unknown area of the world, this actually enlarges the IFverse and can potentially lead to a net Idearium gain. This exploration is known as a QuIF.

Quantum IFex has been employed successfully by practitioners as old as Zogby the Fortune Teller, but never on a large enough scale to make a measurable difference in the world. However, Key has recently begun using Quantum IFex technology in his early-stage QuIF generation machine. The rumors that this machine will cause citizens of IF to mutate into horrible, three-bodied creatures unable to stretch their arms above their head or below their waist are completely false.

Unfortunately, recent experiments with Quantum IFex suggest that its "IFspansive" techniques are not producing Idearium at all, but are instead recycling the same Idearium for a wide variety of different results, causing strange and awful hybrids of existing areas after continued use. Implementation of this technology has been recently successful, and Key is said to be working on a means of synthesizing Idearium within the Quantum IFex device, leading to the creation of scenarios and areas exactly equal to imagining for the hapless QuIFflers that dare to utilize it.