Renaissance Era

From IFki

The Renaissance Era, characterised by the ruthless destruction of much of the City, was thought to have begun with the re-election of Smee in March 2009.

This is in fact, pure myth. It was not until he returned from his enforced exile on the shores of OF in September 09 that our fearless Mayor, with his Deputy Crunchyfrog at his side, rampaged through the city and demolished half of its districts.

Stunned IFians could only watch as one by one the New Storygames district, the Market Bizarre, The City! and Games were reduced to rubble. In a final act of maniacal destruction the crazed pair brought down the mighty Review Board HQ and disbanded the Head Eaters.

The outrage at the axing of IF's greatest institution, Storygame of the Month, was completely overshadowed by the shock at the removal of everyone's invisibility cloaks. Several unsuspecting citizens were spotted naked in the city that terrible night, causing much mayhem and despair.

So astounded was the populace at these acts of insanity that nobody dared run against the Mad Mayor of IF again. And so in October 2009 the maniacal mage and crazy frog began a second term at the helm.