From IFki


It is remarked that a whole book could be written about these fascinating people; or at least, it could be written if anybody knew who they were, or what they do.

However, that is not a deterrent for creating this article.

For the moment, until further facts can be proven, it is safe to say that the Sub-Councilors have been working hard behind the scenes all these years, and that they could be common people we never suspected of. They help install new software on the site, such as the Chat, or other complicated material. It is suspected that many of these Sub-Councilors eventually become City Council Members, but their past vows forbid them to relinquish any information about their past.

Above all, do not give up on the search. Someday, the Sub-Councilors will be found.


Some rumors have been reported that there is a group looking for the Sub-Councilors. This group is supposedly named "The Source Pickers." Their leader is unknown.