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Pre-IFQ Days

IFquirer, or the IFQ as it has become commonly known, was an idea hatched between Shady Stoat and Chinaren during Year 4 of IF. The IFQ or (The National IFquirer as it was called then) debuted in December 2005. It was unveiled in four parts during Years 4 and 5 of IF and helped pave the way for IF's main rag. The IFQ featured a comedic twist while still reporting on other happenings and trends in the city.

The IFQ Unveiled and Chinarens Reign as editor

Chinaren unveiled the first issue of the IFQ in July of 2006 as the first constant periodical for IF. Over the years Chinaren ran the IFQ smoothly churning out 18 issues of The IFQ with small contributions from other writers. The IFQ got a face lift in Issue 16 when Chinaren unveiled a new look to the IFQ but was shortly lived as Chinaren stepped down as editor after issue 18

Juggling the IFQ leadership

After Chinarens resignation from the IFQ, a swarm of IFians each gambled and injected their own flare into the IFQ that would change the look of the IFQ. The IFQ changed hands 4 times before a dedicated editor came forward and voluntarily took the reins for the IFQ. This current editor still runs the IFQ at this time and has taken it to a more old school approach, similar to when Chinaren first started the IFQ


The Features for the IFQ have been as varied as they are entertaining, changing over the years and with each editor to match the City's desires.

Main Headlines

The Main headlines have been various as they have been the "big thing" in IF at that time. Some headlines have included past elections, major contests and competitions as well as interviews and excerpts of storygames. Some editions around busy periods would see many headlines, whilst others were quieter.

The Top 5

The Top 5 feature debuted in Issue 7 of the IFQ as it covered the 5 strongest storygames as indicated by the City favourite counts for each story. It was known as the top favourites until IFQ issue 16 When Chinaren face lifed the IFQ and introduced the Top 5 concept to the City. The Top 5 had been featured in Issues 16,and 20 until Kang made it a staple in issue 25.

Metro News

The Metro News feature was a concept that Kang added when he was working with Chinaren on the IFQ. It had gained some support when it was unveiled in issues 11 and 12. Kang tried to reintroduce it in issue 25 but it has been phased out by suggestions from the higher ups

Fatback Index

The city's very own currency index was introduced in issue 11 of the IFQ by a local professor of mathematics. It is a lighthearted way to gauge the value of the city based on how many Fables the citizens have versus how many have Fables. This idea was featured in Issues 11 and 12 and was brought back in issue 25 and is still featured today.

Father Simmons

This Priestly fellow was featured in Issue 20 of the IFQ more as a Q and A session with then editor The Ed. He was featured in IFQ issue 20 but never included since.

Storygame of the Month (SGotM)

This feature debuted in issue 3 of the IFQ as it covered the monthly battle to claim the top spot on IF. This feature was phased out in October of 2009 and was replaced with the Spotlight competition. Former SGotM winners can still be found here


The IFY's are the yearly awards that are given out for stories that have earned special merit over the year


The IFQ has seen five editors at the helm each adding their own style and flair to the IFQ


Chinaren was the pioneer of the IFQ in its current form.

He took on the role of Editor when Key created the space, mainly to ensure that none of his rivals could take control of the advertising.

Chinaren headed up 18 issues covering over 2 years of IF trends and happenings. Chinaren was the longest standing editor the IFQ had. He was one of two that invented the idea of a paper for IF, first starting with the National IFquirer as a template. He presided over the launch the IFQ, mainly so he could get at the free buffet, in June of 2006, which helped pave the way for future editors.

The much lamented and lambasted Chinaren stepped down in May 2009 (issue 18) shortly after Sir Wax took office. Rumors that he took most of the supply of precious Idearium ink with him have never been confirmed, and Chinaren's lawyers have ensured it's stayed that way.

NeverNeverGirl(aka NeNe)

NeNe took over the IFQ when she introduced issue 19 to the City. NeNe's forte included very detailed interviews with many citizens including candidates for Mayorship and occasional interviews just for fun. NeNe headed 2 issues of the IFQ ( 19 and 21) before real life summoned her away from her duties

The Ed.

The Ed. Headed one issue of the IFQ ( issue 20 ) in hopes of keeping the IFQ alive while NeNe phased in and out of IF . The Ed. also brought on his own penmaster The Powerful Truth to help out on gathering the facts. The Ed. also introduced IF to a feature he called Ask Father Simmons


Scissorkitty took over the IFQ with issue 22. Completely revamping it, she also put a flair on the issues she headed as she invented the interactive version of the IFQ but like editors before her, real life beckoned her and she stepped down after issue 24


Kang is the current editor of the IFQ after reviving it after a 3 month layoff of the IFQ printing press. Kang resurrected the IFQ with issue 25 where he covered the 3 months of limbo to the best of his abilites. Kang had also worked with Chinaren as a contributor to the IFQ with his additions in issues 11 and 12 and is still churning out the idearium as he sneaks and scoops what tidbits he can to make a good story


The IFQ Introduced advertising to IF during the release of Issue 2 of the IFQ, However due to the extravagant pricing it was not widely used hence Shameless Advertising was introduced to combat the high prices , Kang changed this when he redid the ad rates with the release of IFQ 25 by making the rates more affordable and more appealing to those that didn't have many fatbacks. However Advertising has had it's fair share in the IFQ with comedic shots at IFians to much needed attention to a badly hurting storygames and other various services.


Each editor that has graced the IFQ has come up with their own motto to express their views. Some of them were original ideas from Chinarens Reign that never made into the IFQ but were used later. The few that made it included...

  • Chinaren : All the news, None of the Facts (issue 16) Later used by NeNe( issues 19-21)

  • scissorkitty : News whether you like it or not ( issues 22-24)

  • Kang : Bringing you the News the Old fashioned way! (Issue 25 to present)

The IFquirer and You

The IFQ is willing to report anything that is relevant to IF and any of its fine citizens which includes any feature stories, advertising, in and out of IF as well as adding any new members to help write or edit IFQ. Any questions about the IFQ can be directed to Kang or any of the council members that are in the city to serve you