City Council

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The City Council is a group of respected IFians, who moderate the city under the leadership of the King and Mayor.

Councilors come and go as IFians rise and wane, and as districts come and go. Notable past councilors include Etherial Fauna, Muaddib, Jnmrcs, Saxon215, Random, Mordok, Reiso and many others. Smee was the longest serving of councilors, until he succumbed to the dreaded WoW virus and vanished from the city for a while.

As the Constitutional Monarchy blossomed the City Council grew to a cast of thousands, drunkenly patrolling their districts. Late at night the Council Chambers pulsed with the sound of debauched parties, funded by bribes from the electorate and loans from the City of IF Treasury.

But as Smee's reinauguration as Mayor in Spring 2009 heralded the new Renaissance Era the old council was swept away. Nowadays the councilors are few, are kept in manacles and beaten every day. Dereliction of duty is punished by exile - their only privilege a mention in the Site Honors List - if they're lucky.

Those brave and dedicated souls currently daring to inhabit the Council Chambers are listed Here