IF Technical Institute

From IFki

The IFTI arose from the need for authors to improve their writing and storygaming skills, but not at the expense of immersion in game play. Corrections and criticisms not related to the plot of the storygame could take place within the institute without detracting from role playing. From the first classes on writing, grammar, and other mechanics, the IFTI quickly evolved into an expansive center of higher learning.

Discussions of the site history took place within the hallowed walls of the institute, and remain open for new members to contribute thoughts or seek answers. The dynamic nature of the city necessitates continuous review of our history, evolving from our early roots to accommodate the ever-changing expansion of our goals.

Tourists often seek out centers of learning, record keeping, and information when entering a new city. To this end, the headmistress created an Information Index to assist newcomers as well as established citizens, in locating the counsel they need. Easily locate information regarding almost every aspect of IF through this index.

The topics included in the IFTI address all aspects of storygaming, presentation, making the most of your bulletin board experience, learning different languages, and a variety of word games that include the largest thread at IF- the Final Word Game (which sadly enough, no longer exists).

The IFTI also serves as home to SchoolMarm's SchoolHouse. Our beloved yet controversial SchoolMarm! continues to represent one of the more colorful characters in the city.