From IFki

Most people who remember InterFable are either dead or senile, so it is hard to find the truth.

Rumour has it that a band of crazed liars all gathered there because no one else wanted to hear their random ramblings. The first stories of The Wheel took shape in the fertile minds of the Interfablers. One of the most notorious Interfablers opposed to change was Mordok.

Interview with an author from Interfable:

(Late Interfable stage; The New Beginning: the council meditates transferring Interfable to The City of IF)

"Hello, Mordok, how are you feeling today?"

An old man sits in his couch, intermittently watching his computer screen and the interviewer. He eyes both with apparent distrust, but he condescends to nodding his head in acknowledgement.

"Mr. Mordok, I would like your opinion about the City of IF. I am aware that you are a prominent member of Interfable."

"What's this you talking 'bout? What's this City of IF?" his lips curl up in disgust.

"Well, Mr. Mordok, it's the new Interfable," the interviewer smiles.

"What? Doggone it, they changed the good ol' site?" Mordok asks, flustered. He begins to grow red, and the interviewer offers him a glass of water. "Well, I'll tell ye something, young fellah, I ain't likin' this City of IF. I want ma old Interfable back."

On an impulse, he hurls the glass of water at the interviewer. The water slaps the interviewer across the face, while the glass narrowly misses him and crashes behind.

"Mr. Mordok, what-"

Mordok opens a cupboard, revealing a wide assortment of weapons.

"I want Interfable back!" he says, while the camera swivels and begins to make its way to the door. There are gunshots, and the voice of the interviewer is heard to cry out in pain.

"La Revolucion for Interfable!" The camera blacks out.