The Wheel

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The Wheel

Long ago, the Makers nailed the World Serpent to a great disc, creating the Wheel.

Ever since, the people of the Wheel have prayed for the Makers to return.

Now their prayers are answered. But not in the way they expect…

Storygames Set on the Wheel

The Wheel is a set of related storygames set in a fantasy world, and either authored or directed by Mayor Key.

The Machine's Daughter - a young girl is forced to find her identity in a world of machines (completed)

The Archer's Flight- a human girl grows up an outcast in a land of centaurs (completed)

The White Queen - the young queen of a dying people defends her last sacred spot (completed)

The Ram - a slave overthrows his masters and teaches his people to fight (completed)

The Fish that Walked - a prince dreams his life away, until his island home is invaded (completed)

More About the Wheel

You can also view two Flash movies about the Wheel (click here to get Macromedia Flash) or read the world background:

Myth of the World Serpent and an interactive map Flash Presentations