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A long time member of the City, Sax has pioneered many great tales and had the honour of being a co-host to the first IFy awards.

He is best known for his preference for a dark red font colour and, (to quote Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey ) ..."a general deficiency of subject, a total inattention to stops, and a very frequent ignorance of grammar."

He is also credited with the invention of a new language script, fondly called 'Saxonnish'. An example of Saxonnish with translation is as follows:

"i jst finishwed redding thw nweu chaprte of Wheel."


"I just finished reading the new chapter of Wheel."

Sax is greatly known for his contribution of humor to the site, although his storygame focused on sci-fi/horror. Sax is also greatly recognized as a pioneer in the art of confusing or ridiculizing people, while at the same time humbling himself to them (yes, somehow sax can do that).