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D-Lotus first arrived at the steps of 'Interfable' in late 2002. For this reason, he is considered one of the ancients. He is notorious for his contributions to the IFy's, masses of random bickering with Sax and has received numerous awards.

He has succesfully completed three stories (joint record with Fauna at the moment), has attempted to complete many more, and is working on his fourth. His most recent storygame is called Confession Box.

D-Lotus is also one of the writers for the Battle to the End project, along with Smee and Fauna. D writes the story of Yahoo, along with Chainfire. Now, the story slowly decayed and died. D-Lotus was also involved in the banishment of BStheGreat, although he denies responsibility of the conflict. D has lately been drawn to art, although he participates in storygames such as The Hangover, a reminiscence of The True Story of the City of InterFable. D-Lotus likes soccer, movies, writing and reading, and drawing among many other things. D is also a participant in Chinaren's Lords and Ladies, for the country of Glormp, and he represents Jim Cost in Lebrenth's Fabled Island- alongside with Smudger. Both of these stories are 'new generation' storygames, because they involve members in a role-playing method juxtaposed with storygaming. Although D was a City Council Member in the past, he quit his job in search of artistic freedom away from the bureaucratic Mods. Now, D may be found bitterly writing egotistical paragraphs about himself in the IFki, while remembering his days of glory.