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Fauna is the Fat Fairy of our City. She finished, what was her second started Storygame - Carver's Blossoms, some time ago. It is an interesting storygame that originated in the sci-fi forum.

More recently, she also finished her SGOTM winning Storygame - Finite Cosmos.

She is also the helpful Moderator of The Technical Institute : Jump straight there.

In addition to all these wonderful things, she was also the gracious winner of the 2005 IFy for Best Description/Detail with the Storygame - Finite Cosmos.

Unfortunately, one day Fauna disappeared from the City of IF. Perhaps her addiction to thwacking Bob led to another addiction that took her away from the city: World of Warcraft. However, she has been rumored to have briefly returned in early 2007. Nobody knows her intentions. Will she stay?