Random Gamblers

From IFki

The Random Gamblers were first seen in the Traditional RPSection, and under the cover of the random goings-on were mostly ignored as simple spammers. Yet these were more than spammers - for they had the intelligence to hide in the most random section, where some fear not tread. Stealthily, they grew...until they struck out into the more frequently visited parts of the city, beginning with an attack on Jnmrcs' School of Spanish in the IF Institute.

Phang, she of sarcastic tongue and intelligent mind, attempted to combat the forces of darkness with her snide comments, for the Random Gamblers - as they were now known - did not necessarily speak coherently. But this only encouraged more attacks, and later confusion as the City Council began to take heed of the situation and remove them.

Soon, the Random Gamblers gave up on semi-intelligent speech and began to throw together simple phrases, shouting on the City Streets in a hope to entice foolish newbies. Eventually, one crossed the line - selling porn involving OAPs - and something had to be done.


The only solution seemed to be the enforcement of registration, banning all unregistered guests from entering the City. The Great Registration Wall was constructed with great haste.

Some felt this was unreasonable, but for the sake of IF, guests are now no longer permitted to post. If you have difficulty registering, Phang is also well-known as Tech Support.