From IFki

"Hello, my name is Fauna, and I suffer from thwackabobitus. Four and a half mintues without a thwack now :) "

Hi Fauna. *hearty round of applause and support*

"Hello, my name is Idea Master, and I also suffer from thwackabobitus. About, oh, I dunno...*Looks at watch* Three minutes without a thwack." *Twitches*

"Hi IM." *A second round of applause and support, though not quite as hearty.*

The infection started slowly, an innocuous tingling from the point of entry (which happened at my first thwacking of Bob the Apedog in a chapter of The Machine's Daughter). Unfortunately the disease proved contagious, infecting great citizens such as Chinaren and Smee. The information offered here is an attempt to explain ongoing research into the modality of infection, signs and symptoms, causation and spread, and prevention and cure.

The infection appears communicable, although a few subjects exhibit a natural immunity of sorts, having both thwacked Bob and engaged in forum contact with those already infected, yet remaining apparently unaffected by the intense, driving need to pursue Bob through every possible thread.

Thwackabobitus is characterized by an intense, burning desire to click the image of the apedog as many times as possible in one session. Those infected quickly accrue apedogs in figures of hundreds, with milder cases slowly exhibiting worsening signs as their thwacking scores increase.

Spread is little understood at this point, although competitiveness appears to increase chances of infection. Preventative measures might include avoiding threads with recent posts, thereby avoiding possible contact with Bob or those pursuing Bob. No cure is known at this time, and treatment consists of frequent posting to generate appearance of Bob, thereby soothing the need to thwack.

This affliction becomes increasingly painful if suffering concurrently with a bad case of the RLs, or more properly the Real Lifes.

Recently discovered is the disease Thwackabobphobia, which seems to counteract Thwackabobitus as no subjects have had both diseases at the same time. However, it is not very contagous, and the side effects make it a very bad choice for a cure.