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Smee came to Interfable in 2003, looking to expand a recently discovered interest in roleplay and writing. Since then he's enjoyed reading and writing many stories, although sadly is yet to actually finish a Storygame.

Outside of the City of IF, Smee enjoys reading, computer games and when possible, throwing himself down mountains attached to sticks of fibreglass.


Currently Active


Smee is a longstanding citizen, having arrived with the first wave of Interfablers to settle IF. His many accomplishments are listed on his profile, but he also has the unique distinction of inspiring the IFy Award-winning storygame Thorns and Steel, which was authored by Reiso and Emperor.

Smee was the City's second Mayor, after City founder Key. Believed swallowed by the great WoW monster in the purge of 2006, or possibly killed in a bizarre gardening accident. Some claim he is not dead, merely sleeping.

Update : 2008

With little ceremony, in April of 2008, Smee appeared back in the city. He was only slightly scarred from his trying times in Azeroth, (a strange and bizarre land he had been dumped in by the aforementioned great WoW monster) and was looking only to build a comfortable cabin in his beloved Fantasy forest and continue his writing once again.

Update : 2009

With even less ceremony, in February 2009, Smee once again reappeared in the city, this time with merely a torn robe. A few weeks later the city found itself in need of a mayor after the mysterious kidnapping of the current Mayor, NeverNeverGirl. Smee stepped forward and after a brief election, in March 2009 was made Mayor for his second term.

October 2009 saw him re-elected for a third term during an election with no opposition or vote.